A Look Back at the Wellbeing for Impact Learning Conference

A Look Back at the Wellbeing for Impact Learning Conference

Group Photo from the Wellbeing at Work Impact Learning Conference - Sept 29, 2023

Looking back at the Wellbeing for Impact Learning Conference, the event took place at Antwork in Beirut on September 19, 2023, dedicated to intertwining personal well-being with societal impact. It was a transformative day where individuals from diverse backgrounds - entrepreneurs, professionals, and change-makers - came together to explore and empower themselves with knowledge and tools for personal growth, productivity, and creativity. The conference left an indelible mark by emphasizing the importance of individual well-being as a cornerstone for driving sustainable change in communities and workplaces.

Below, we revisit highlights and insights shared by some of our diverse lineup of speakers, each bringing their unique perspectives on personal growth, creativity, and community impact.

Wellbeing for Impact Conference Intro

The conference begins with David Munir Nabti opening the session, setting a communal and reflective tone. He initiates a gratitude practice, guiding attendees to focus on positive elements in their lives. The session underscores the importance of social support systems in personal and collective well-being. An interactive component where participants evaluate their own well-being further fosters a sense of shared experiences and emphasizes the interconnectedness of individual health and community wellness. This opening lays a foundational understanding for a conference dedicated to holistic well-being.

Welcoming Session and Wellbeing At Work Survey Results

Bilal Ghalib's session, titled "Welcome Session and Wellbeing At Work Survey Results," focuses on the intersection of personal well-being and professional life. He discusses the importance of maintaining health and happiness while managing the pressures of entrepreneurship. Ghalib shares insights from his personal experiences and emphasizes practical strategies for integrating wellness routines into a busy work life. He also presents results from a well-being survey, providing data-driven insights into how organizational size impacts employee well-being. This session offers a blend of personal anecdotes, practical advice, and survey data analysis, making it informative for entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to balance their work and personal health.

Intro to Embodiment

In Dina Debbas' "Intro to Embodiment" session, you embark on an enlightening journey into mindfulness and self-awareness. Imagine yourself being gently guided through a series of exercises designed to connect you with your body. You're encouraged to focus on different parts of your body – your face, hands, chest, back, and lower body – and notice the subtle sensations and feelings. This experience isn’t just about awareness; it's about forming a deeper connection with yourself. Through this process, you learn to observe your physical presence and breathing patterns, fostering a state of calm and mindfulness. This session is an invitation to dive into a personal exploration, connecting you more intimately with your own physical being.

Creativity and Growth

In Maya Fidawi's "Creativity and Growth" session, you'll find a wealth of insights about leveraging creativity for personal development. Fidawi shares her experiences and challenges, highlighting how creative thinking and artistic expression can be powerful tools for overcoming obstacles and fostering growth. A key takeaway is the importance of embracing one’s unique talents and using them to navigate life’s challenges. The session is a celebration of how creativity can be a transformative force, inspiring you to explore and develop your own creative abilities. One notable highlight is Fidawi's emphasis on turning setbacks into opportunities, a perspective that can be particularly empowering for anyone facing personal or professional hurdles.

Relationships, the Body, and Communication - Lessons From The Deaf Community

Naila Hares' session, "Relationships, the Body, and Communication - Lessons From The Deaf Community", offers a unique perspective on communication and relationships through the lens of the deaf community. The session dives into the nuances of non-verbal communication and how it enriches our understanding of interactions. Hares highlights the importance of body language and facial expressions in conveying emotions and intentions, especially in the absence of verbal cues. This session is a valuable exploration of the diverse ways we connect with each other and the lessons we can learn from the deaf community about empathy, understanding, and the richness of non-verbal communication.

Happiness At Work

Randa Farah's session, "Happiness At Work", delves into the vital role of well-being in the workplace. She explores the complex relationship between happiness and professional life, emphasizing how personal well-being can significantly impact work performance and satisfaction. The session provides insights into achieving a harmonious balance between professional responsibilities and personal happiness. Randa's approach, combining personal anecdotes with practical strategies, offers guidance on cultivating a positive work environment and enhancing overall job satisfaction. This session is especially relevant for anyone looking to improve their work-life balance and foster a happier, more productive workplace.

Wellbeing at Work and Play

In Mahmoud Natout's session "Wellbeing at Work and Play", the essence is about infusing playfulness and humor into our daily lives, especially in the workplace. He showcases how adopting a playful mindset can lead to creative solutions and a more enjoyable work experience, using engaging examples like cartoon characters. A highlight of the session is his emphasis on the transformative power of humor in the workplace, demonstrating that integrating fun and light-heartedness can significantly enhance both personal well-being and professional productivity. This session is a compelling reminder of the positive impact that play and humor can have on our work and personal life balance.

Personal Growth, Inner Development Goals, and Collective Impact

David Munir Nabti's session, "Personal Growth, Inner Development Goals, and Collective Impact," emphasizes the significance of aligning personal development with broader societal issues. He encourages participants to identify challenges in their communities that resonate with them personally and to reflect on how enhancing their own skills and inner strengths can contribute to addressing these issues. This session uniquely links individual growth to positive societal change, underscoring the importance of self-awareness and personal development in making a meaningful impact on society.

Insights and Inspirations

Reflecting on the Wellbeing for Impact Conference, it's evident that the event was a melting pot of diverse, enriching experiences focused on enhancing personal and professional well-being. Each segment of the conference contributed to a deeper understanding of how individual health intertwines with broader societal impacts. The speakers, through their unique perspectives, offered invaluable tools and insights for living a balanced, fulfilling life. This conference not only educated but also inspired attendees to integrate these learnings into their daily lives for lasting impact.


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