Bloom Country-Based Discounts and Pricing Tiers

At Bloom, we are committed to making our services accessible to teams from diverse economic backgrounds. To ensure affordability, we offer country-based discounts depending on national income levels, plus we'll soon be launching discounts for lower-income communities within wealthier countries (as soon as we can afford to do so).

This page provides detailed information on the discounts available based on your country, along with a convenient drop-down menu to help you quickly find your country and its corresponding discount code. By using the country-specific discount codes, you can ensure you receive the best possible pricing tailored to your region. If you have the means and don't need the discount to join, we invite you to pay the full amount so that we can offer more services and discounts to more teams and people in need.

Additionally, we have included a comprehensive FAQ section to help you learn more and address any questions you might have.

If you are interested in exploring ways to collaborate to boost access to low income or marginalized communities, please contact us or consider supporting via our donation page and our affiliated 501c3 non-profit efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I use the drop-down menu to find my discount?

Find Your Country: Use the drop-down menu below to quickly locate your country.

Check Your Discount: The discount code and the total price after applying the discount will be displayed based on your selected country.

Apply Discount: While upgrading on, at checkout you will be asked for a discount code. Use your country-specific code to apply the discount.

How do I apply the country-based discount during registration?

During the registration process on the billing page at, the discount code and the total price after applying the discount will appear automatically based on your selected country.

Will there be any verification process for the country-based discount?

There is no verification process for the country-based discount at the time of registration, however people and teams may be eligible for opportunities and other perks based on the country they register with, so please use the country that is most relevant for you.

What if my team operates in multiple countries?

Please use the country where your headquarters (HQ) are located or where your primary business operations are to determine your discount tier.

People and teams may be eligible for opportunities and other perks based on the country they register with, so please use the country that is most relevant for you.

How do I determine which discount tier applies to my team?

You should use the country where your team is most active or registered. This ensures you receive the appropriate discount and benefits, and access to future opportunities and perks that are most relevant to your organization.

What happens if we misuse a discount by registering under the wrong country?

If a discount is misused, your team may be liable for repayment of underpaid amounts. It is crucial to use the correct country information to avoid any issues.

We're already working to make Bloom as affordable as possible, and a shared community to help everyone grow, and to help as many people as possible, and we'd love your support! 🙂 If you don't need a discount and can afford full price, that will just help us provide more support to those who really need it. If you want to support further, please consider supporting via our non-profit efforts on the Bloom donation page. Thanks for your participation and support! 🙂

How are discounts determined?

Discounts are determined based on the economic conditions of each country using country-based income levels from the World Bank and other similar indices to make our services as accessible as possible for everyone. We offer discounts to teams from lower-income countries, ensuring that all teams can benefit from Bloom's services.

What should I do if I have issues applying my discount?

If you encounter any problems while applying your discount, please reach out to our customer support team at for assistance.

How do country-based discounts impact my subscription renewal?

The discount applied during registration will continue to apply to your subscription renewals as long as your registered country remains the same.

How can I contact support for more information about country-based discounts?

For any questions or issues related to country-based discounts, please contact our support team at support

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