Start Here

Welcome to the Bloom Platform. This guide will help you and your team get started with the platform. Follow these steps to set up your account, add team members, choose assessments, and start working towards your goals.

Step 1: Start Your Journey on Bloom! 🌻 Create Your Account and Let's Start the Fun! 🥳
  • Create your account by clicking on Sign Up (also in the upper right of the site, or top menu if you're on mobile)
  • Follow the instructions to create your account and get started.
Step 2: Personalize Your Team 🙌 : Add Team Members, Add Team Logo

Head on over to "team settings" from the Hub, or if you're already in your team workspace from the bottom left sidebar. From there you can:

  • Set up your basic account settings to personalize your experience.
  • Invite your team members to join your account.
  • Personalize your team's profile with a logo.
  • To see this in action, check out this video here.
Step 3: Choose What Top-Level Areas -- Team or Individual -- Are Most For Your Team to Work On
  • Bloom supports team / organizational growth and individual growth through our different assessments, and through a diverse range of content available in the Bloom Library of Activities.
  • The default assessments available when you create an account are below. Pro Teams will soon have access to more assessments, plus we can enable or create custom assessments for programs (contact us to discuss).
  • From Team Settings (from the Hub, or if you're in your team workspace, then see Team Settings in the lower left sidebar), team owners can select which assessments are important for you and your team to focus on. You can choose between enterprise growth and individual growth assessments. See how in this short video.

Default Assessments Available to Free Teams:

Enterprise Capacity Assessment

Evaluate overall capacity to grow and succeed.

Entrepreneurship & Leadership Skills

Assess entrepreneurial mindset and leadership abilities.

Wellbeing & Engagement

Measure wellbeing and engagement levels.

Step 4: Take Assessments to Learn, Review, Reflect, and Set Priorities for your Growth 🎯
  • Bloom's assessments are designed to help people and teams understand more about a particular domain and how they're doing in core areas.
  • With so many areas to possibly work on for both your team / organization and in your own skills and personal development, the next most important thing is to prioritize. We encourage people to select 1-3 priorities for personal growth, and 1-3 priorities for you to focus on to contribute to team growth. The more focus you have on the most important thing, the better you can achieve it, and then move on to the next most important thing.
  • From the Growth Tab within your team workspace, you can take assessments, review the results, reflect on them, and set your personal priorities for your individual growth and what areas you're focusing on to help your team/organization grow.
  • The clearer your priorities and goals are, the more likely you'll be able to achieve them.
  • See how in this quick video.
Step 5: Take Action on Your Priorities: Find Activities in the Library and Add Them to Your Taskboard 📚
  • Select activities that align with your priorities from our extensive library.
  • Check the filters to find the most relevant activities.
  • Add new activities to the Library that could benefit you, your team, and the Bloom Community.
  • See more in this short video.
Step 6: Get Them Done! Leverage the Taskboard to Improve Effectiveness. ✅
  • Use your Taskboard to adjust your daily priorities and ensure you complete your key tasks.
  • See what other colleagues are working on.
  • Share feedback in task comments.
  • Remember to check your notifications.
Step 7: Learn & Grow Together! Check Out Events and Opportunities in the Bloom Community 📅
  • Check out the Bloom Community from the links in the bottom left sidebar, or the upper right profile menu.
  • Stay engaged with the Bloom community by checking out events and opportunities.
  • Check out this video to see how.
  • Know of other events? Feel free to add them in or send to us via the Feedback form!
Step 8: Get Energy and Support in our Thursday 25-minute Growth Huddle Calls! 📞

We designed Bloom so people and teams can use it on their own ... but many people grow better with community support. We'll be launching some exciting workshops and programs soon, but we're starting with a weekly fun check-in and Growth Huddle.

Join us every Thursday for a fun, positive, and participatory 25-minutes to help you get the most out of Bloom, get feedback and support on your priorities, and connect with other inspiring people!

The Details:

  • Every Thursday at noon GMT (8am NYC/EST, 3pm Lebanon/Riyadh/EEST, 4pm Dubai/GST).
  • Email us at connect bloom pm to get the calendar invitation and zoom link.
  • Timing doesn't work for you? Please share your suggestions via the Feedback form.
  • Want to co-facilitate or offer something to the Bloom Community? Email us at: connect bloom pm
Step 9: Upgrade Your Account for Additional Features & Benefits
  • You can use Bloom's Free Team plan, or for additional features and benefits, upgrade to Bloom's Pro Team. We have some exciting feature updates coming soon, and early subscribers can lock in their early launch pricing, which they'll maintain as long as they keep their subscription active.
  • For more info, check out Bloom's Pricing Plans.
  • We're working to make Bloom affordable for everyone, so if you need a discount, check out Bloom's discount page.
Get Help or Share Feedback
  • On the community: Connect with others for support and guidance.
  • Help pages: Visit for assistance.
  • Please share any suggestions via the Feedback form.