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Start Here

Welcome to the Bloom Platform. This guide will help you and your team get started. Follow these steps to set up your account, add team members, choose assessments, and start working towards your goals.

Step 1: Create Your Account 🌻

• Sign Up: Click on the Sign Up button (upper right or top menu on mobile).

• Follow Instructions: Complete the registration process.

Step 2: Assess and Prioritize Growth 🎯

• Access Growth Tab: Navigate to the Growth Tab in your team workspace.

• Choose Assessments: Select assessments for team and individual growth.

• Review Results: Analyze the results to understand your strengths and areas for improvement.

• Set Priorities: Focus on 1-3 priorities for team and individual growth.

How to Leverage Bloom's Assessments for Team and Individual Growth

How Can the Growth Tab & Assessments Drive Team and Individual Development

Free Team Assessments:

Enterprise Capacity

Evaluates 9 business operation categories.

Entrepreneurship & Leadership Skills

Covers 6 areas based on EntreComp.

Wellbeing & Engagement

Assesses 6 categories for health & thriving.

Tip 1: Clear priorities increase your chances of success.

Tip 2: Only team owners can select the assessments that are made available for team members to take.

Step 3: Take Action on Priorities 📚

• Explore the Bloom Library: Find activities that align with your priorities.

• Use Filters: Apply filters to find the most relevant activities.

• Add New Activities: Contribute new helpful activities to the Library.

How to Enhance Your Learning Experience with Bloom's Activity Library

Task Board Usage:

Adjust Priorities

Find activities that align with your priorities.

Team Collaboration

See colleagues' tasks and share feedback.

Track Progress

Ensure key tasks are completed.

Stay Updated

Check notifications regularly.

Step 4: Join Growth Huddle Calls and Community 🙌

• Participatory Calls: 25-minute support call every Thursday at noon GMT.

• Connect and Support: Get feedback and connect with other users.

• Join: Email for the invitation.

Access Community

Use the bottom left sidebar or upper right profile menu.


Participate in exciting events and opportunities.

Step 5: Personalize Your Team

• Team Settings: Go to Team Settings from the Hub or bottom left sidebar.

• Add Members: Invite team members to join.

• Customize Profile: Add a team logo and set up basic settings.

Bonus! Upgrade to Pro Team ⬆️

• Additional Features: Access more tools and benefits.

• Early Pricing: Lock in early launch pricing.

How to Set Up Your Basic Team Settings in Bloom