Let's cultivate a SuperBloom of hope and opportunity

Our Vision

We’re on a mission to contribute to building a world where people, communities, and the planet flourish.

Supporting values-driven entrepreneurship is a key way we can make that happen. We see entrepreneurship as “the skills and methods of doing and leading”, which can be applied in businesses, non-profits, public service, arts and culture, and in other ways. Entrepreneurship is incredibly powerful, and when it’s combined with values, it can be a powerful force for good.

What's a "superbloom"?

A "superbloom" is an amazing ecological phenomenon where, when the conditions are right, there is massively more growth and "blooming" than in a normal season. The amazing thing is that all those seeds were there all along, but they didn't have the right conditions to thrive. We believe that same applies to social impact entrepreneurship, especially in challenging places. The amazing people, the seeds, are there, and we should give them the right conditions to thrive.

What is Bloom's SuperBloom Campaign?

The SuperBloom campaign is an effort to help build towards a world where impact-oriented organizations are a norm in our communities and economies. As part of that, we want to build towards supporting 1 million sustainable impact-driven enterprises and organizations thrive that reflect the diversity and demographics of our global population.

We're building the Bloom online platform, our methods, our Library of Activities, and our programs to support that movement in a scalable way. We run programs supporting individuals, startups+SMEs, and other accelerators/support programs, and the Bloom software platform will soon help teams and other accelerators/support programs in a more scalable way.

We are building on available research and global best practices as we create (and co-create) tools and methods to improve our collective impact, and we're exploring ways to do more to leverage, conduct and support more data-supported action-oriented research on education for individual and organizational growth, pathways for individual and collective wellbeing, more sustainable and purpose-driven economic models, strategies for culture and mindset, and "tipping points" for social change. If any of that resonates with you, please reach out.

Why Does This Campaign Matter?

Human flourishing, compassion, and harmony with nature are at the core of our vision, and we're working with patient urgency to reshape our economic landscape to guide us towards a more inclusive, sustainable and flourishing world.

Tackling Inequality

We're working to address the growing inequality that has been largely caused by prioritizing financial returns over everything else. We're committed to helping build a world where decent opportunities are available to all, and our organizations and leaders represent our global diversity and demographics.

Investing in Impact

Building robust, sustainable and impactful organizations requires adaptive support and appropriate financing. Funding (including impact investing, philanthropy, public sector funding, loans, bonds, etc) and support mechanisms (accelerators, mentorship, visibility, access to clients, etc) should be accessible to impact-oriented SMEs, cooperatives, non-profits, and others to help build healthier and more sustainable economies.

Leveraging tech & AI to support NI

We believe in leveraging tech & AI to support NI (natural intelligence) at the individual and community levels (CI - community intelligence). We're experimenting with exciting uses of AI to help individuals, teams and cohorts, and are looking forward to rolling that out soon, as funding allows.

Collaborative and Open Standards

Open systems help us reduce duplicated effort, learn more effectively, and improve our collective impact. We leverage, support and contribute to open standards, especially around impact monitoring, quantified learning (data, assessment tools, open badging), and content through our collaborative Bloom Public Library of Activities for organizational and individual growth.

An Unequivocal Belief in Hope, Magic, and Our Collective Abilities to Achieve Great Things

Whether related to climate change, deep conflicts, achieving the SDGs, or other challenges ... we can do amazing things when we open our minds and hearts and work together.

Let's do this.

Photo from Safir EU Conference

Support 1 Million Social Enterprises

Our world is at a crossroads, marked by growing inequality, social challenges, and environmental imbalances. At Bloom, we believe in steering toward a future of compassion, balance, and flourishing communities. For over 14 years, we've been driving positive change in the Middle East and Africa through impact entrepreneurship and accelerator programs, and we've supported thousands of learners, and over 800 social impact and inclusive enterprises in our programs. We shifted to a mix of online, hybrid, and offline programs in 2017 as we worked to develop improved methods and tools for more scalable impact. The Bloom software platform is a core part of that effort. We're currently using it internally as we work to make additional improvements and then roll it out as a tool that impact enterprises and training programs can use to magnify their impact.

We're still working on defining exactly what it means to "support" 1 million social enterprises (3 months, ongoing, types of support, etc), and if 1 million is the right number for the impact needed and what we can collectively achieve, plus how we can collaborate with other efforts working to build towards a purpose-driven economy ... but the purpose of this effort is to mobilize us towards both local change and large-scale systems-change, changing our norms so that we live in purpose-driven communities and economies. We're open to research, innovation, and implementation partnerships. Please reach out to us to discuss further (partner bloom.pm).

Join the next Bloom Community event, the Q2-2024 Town Hall

Our last Bloom Community Town Hall on Dec 20, 2023 was a great event, sharing updates and getting feedback from a diverse cross-section of our community. We're looking forward to expanding ways to more deeply engage our community to improve our collective impact, and we look forward to the next Bloom Community Town Hall in Q2-2024, with more details coming soon. Sign up below and/or to our newsletter to get updates on that.

Bloom Community Town Hall

Date: Q2 2024 (details coming soon)

Format: Online Event, 1 hour+open hangout

Time: Details coming soon. 

Event Highlights

Join us for our first public Bloom Community Town Hall to be inspired, vote, give live feedback, and see different ways you can get involved and benefit from this collaborative effort. The gathering will include:

  • Insight into Bloom: Understand our mission at Bloom.pm in supporting growth at both organizational and individual levels.
  • SuperBloom Campaign: Learn about our efforts to drive systemic change for a sustainable future.
  • Bloom Platform Preview: Get an exclusive look at the upcoming Bloom platform.
  • Hear from Our Team: Updates on key programs and achievements.
  • Vote and share feedback on key issues and strategies going forward.
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SuperBloom Town Hall

Group Photo - StartAD

From a wonderful event we co-hosted with StartupGrind, Atolye, and Anqa in June 2023 around expanding support for women entrepreneurs.

How You Can Support

Partner with us 🤝

We're looking for partners who want to hire us to implement programs, or who want to help us expand mentorship and supports for our teams, or collaborate on research. Click below to learn more, or message us at (partner {at} bloom.pm).

Donate 🙏

Your donation fuels our movement. Every contribution, regardless of size, makes a meaningful impact.

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Why Donate to Bloom? Impact Beyond Numbers

Bloom is more than an accelerator; we're building the Bloom platform to empower ourselves, other training organizations, and social enterprises to reach new heights. By supporting Bloom, you impact a broader ecosystem of changemakers.

  • Your donation empowers us to scale our programs, supporting social enterprises that make a tangible difference in communities and addressing critical issues like climate change, peacebuilding, education, governance, and inclusive economic growth.
  • We're committed to equality of opportunity. If 50% of our global population is women, we believe 50% of our enterprise leaders should be women. Your support helps break systemic barriers and foster diverse leadership.
  • Bloom is more than a platform; it's a community enabler. Your contribution helps us continue to refine the Bloom platform before we launch it as an open SaaS tool that brings together organizations, accelerators, mentors, and educational institutions, fostering collaboration and shared learning.
  • We're a combined non-profit organization (registered in Lebanon, with a 501c3 fiscal sponsor in the US), and a social enterprise registered in the UK, working to build sustainability, efficiency, and scalable impact into everything we do. All donations go to support the non-profit efforts, and the bulk of our profits (once profitable) from the social enterprise will also go to support impact efforts from us and our community.

Our goal is not just 1 million enterprises; it's a world transformed. Your contribution is an investment in a future marked by compassion, balance, and thriving communities.

Join the SuperBloom Movement —

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Donate now and join our journey. Together, let's create a world where everyone has the opportunity to flourish.

Any donations are helpful and appreciated, though recurring donations help us better plan and magnify our organizational and collective impact.

All donations here are 501c3 tax deductible through our fiscal sponsorship with the Faraway Projects.

Please reach out to us with any questions or other ideas for collaborating or supporting these efforts.

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