The Bloom Platform Pricing

The Bloom Platform Pricing Plans

Discover the plan that fits your needs and make the most of Choose from our Basic, Pro Team, or Program & Trainer plans, each designed to support you and your team or organization in growing and achieving your goals. And since Bloom is priced per team and not per person, you can add more of the people who are helping your team grow.

Bloom makes it easy to run adaptive entrepreneurship and project-based learning programs, supporting individuals and organizations with AI and human connections to peers, mentors, and trainers, a rockin' Library of Activities, and much more.

For more detailed information about the Bloom platform and how it can benefit your programs, visit our platform page. To get started, check out the information below about our plans and sign up or log in.

Free Team

  • Free


Basic tools for entrepreneurs and startups


  • One workspace per team
  • Up to 5 members per team
  • Basic assessments for individual and team growth
  • Basic Library of Activities access (non-premium content)
  • Can’t join or create workshops or programs
  • No attachments on tasks
  • No data downloads
  • 30 days of Team Action data insights
  • Limited access to events, discussions, workshops, and perks
  • Basic Support through Community and Help pages

Pro Team Plan

Ideal for startups and small businesses.


  • Up to 20 members per workspace, upgrade for additional workspaces and team members.
  • Unlimited members per team
  • Pro Team suite of assessments for individual and team growth
  • Pro Team access to the Library of Activities
  • Join or create workshops or programs to support cohort-based learning
  • Attachments on tasks
  • Download your assessment data to use in AI tools or elsewhere
  • Unlimited Team Actions data insights
  • Members-only events, discussions, workshops, and perks
  • Pro support access through Community, Help pages, email and videoconference
  • Country-based discounts for maximum accessibility.

Program Manager Pricing

  • Pricing per team
Pricing per team


Ideal for trainers, cohort managers, accelerators, teachers, enterprise growth programs, corporate L&D, and skills development programs.


  • Bloom’s Program Dashboard for cohort-based & individualized programs
  • Get custom support to help you design, implement and measure impact of programs
  • Program Participants get access to all features under “Pro Team plan”
  • Earn revenues as a channel partner (coming soon)
  • Enable any group or cluster to run support or mutual aid programs for any group of enterprises or organizations
  • Special cohort, education, and impact pricing, with country-based discounts. Program participants get access to all features under the “Pro Team plan.”

Upgrade your Bloom account today to unlock premium features and enhance your experience on the Bloom Platform!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I upgrade from the Bloom pricing page?

Upgrading happens inside the Bloom App, not directly on To upgrade, go to the billing section of your team settings page on for the team you want to upgrade. Sign up or Log in to go to your team settings page.

When I upgrade, does this upgrade my entire account with all the teams I have created?

No, upgrading applies only to the specific team you choose to upgrade. It does not affect all teams associated with your account. Each team must be upgraded individually.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts based on the economic conditions of each country to make our services as accessible as possible for everyone. In fact, one of our core purposes is to help equalize the playing field so all people can get access to world class training, mentorship, and growth support, regardless of their financial abilities. Teams from lower-income countries can benefit from these discounts right now, plus we'll soon be launching discounts for lower-income communities within wealthier countries. To see if you qualify for a country-specific discount and to learn more, visit our discounts page.

If you are interested in exploring ways to collaborate to boost access to low income or marginalized communities, please contact us or consider supporting via our donation page and our affiliated 501c3 non-profit efforts.

How can I get help?

For any questions or issues, please visit You can contact our support team from there if needed as well.