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Our Program History

Explore our archive of programs that have reached their successful conclusion. This page serves as a historical overview of the various initiatives we have offered, providing a glimpse into the breadth of support and resources that were available to entrepreneurs and innovators. Each listing reflects our commitment to fostering growth and driving change in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Previous Program - SME Digital Transformation Program
Photo from Safir EU Conference
HMN - Cycle 1 - Demo Day Group Photo
Safir X Bloom
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Digital Transformation Training Program

A collaboration between Bloom from Lebanon and CINOP from the Netherlands. This comprehensive program is exclusively designed for SMEs and entrepreneurs in Lebanon, bringing together the expertise of two renowned organizations in the field of training and digital entrepreneurship.

HerMeNow Accelerator

Our flagship program for women-led & green social enterprises in the Middle East and Africa, with Cycle 1 in 2022-2023 and Cycle 2 in 2023, focused on expanding business opportunities and societal impact.

Asfari Challenge for Social Innovation

Delivered in partnership with the Asfari Foundation, this program supported social entrepreneurs in the Levant and the Syrian diaspora from 2020 to 2024, with three cycles that encouraged impactful community-driven projects.

Safir Program

Stretching across nine MENA countries from 2020 to 2024, the Safir Program focused on empowering social ventures through an externally linked platform.

Lebanon Growth Accelerator

Supported by RDPP from 2020 to 2022, this accelerator was tailored to bolster the growth potential of Lebanese enterprises amidst a challenging economic climate.

Lebanon Health Hack

A 2020 initiative, in partnership with FNF, The Submarine, and The Farm, that brought together innovative minds to tackle health challenges in Lebanon.

Lebanon Response Hackathon

A 2020 initiative, in partnership with FNF, The Submarine, and The Farm, that brought together innovative minds to tackle health challenges in Lebanon.

Inclusive Economies Lab

In partnership with the Swiss SDC in the Levant/MENA region, this lab operated from 2018 to 2019, aiming to create more inclusive economic systems.

Elevate Impact Accelerator

A UNICEF-partnered program in Lebanon, running from 2016 to 2017, the Elevate Impact Accelerator was dedicated to scaling startups with the potential for significant social contribution.

Startup Scouts

In partnership with Alfa Telecoms in 2018, Startup Scouts was a launchpad for budding tech entrepreneurs in Lebanon.


A collaborative effort with Techstars and various ecosystem partners, LaunchSummit was a hub for entrepreneurs to connect and showcase their innovative startup ideas.


Conducted in collaboration with BDL and AM Bank in Lebanon, our Bootcamp offered several cycles between 2015 and 2017, providing intensive entrepreneurial training and development.

SoUK.LB Social Enterprise Accelerator

A 2018 accelerator in Lebanon, in partnership with Alfanar, DAI, and the UK FCO, which supported the growth of social enterprises with a vision for change.

Open Innovation Week

In 2014, in collaboration with global institutions like the World Bank, MIT Media Lab, and Stanford d.School, this event promoted open innovation in Lebanon.

Netherlands Game Award

Recognizing game development and design excellence in Lebanon over 2013-2014, this program celebrated the creative aspects of gaming.

Our Affiliated Initiatives

Some programs have been conducted under our affiliated initiatives, such as AltCity and Pitchworthy, which further our mission to incubate talent and entrepreneurial projects.

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