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Lebanon Response Hackathon

October 9-11, 2020 - Demo Day: Oct 13

Lebanon Hacks 2020

Join the Lebanon Response Hack to develop and launch solutions to help Lebanon at this critical time, learn, get mentorship, and win cash support for your initiative. Join us on October 8-11, 2020!

When is the registration period?

The deadline to register is Wednesday, October 7. Please make sure to register every person of your team as an individual. Start by registering your team and then proceed to register every team member using the forms below.

Make sure to select your team from the dropdown when registering as an individual. If you don't have a team yet, please select Seeking a Team from the dropdown.

Lebanon Hacks 2020

Hackathons are endurance events of the mind and the body, with fantastically brilliant people from all walks of life getting together to create an idea and build it into an awesome product or prototype in an intense and short period of time. If that sounds exciting for you, boom you’re in the right place!

The main reason we do hackathons is to solve problems that no one else can in a very short amount of time. So whether that is creating a new product, piece of technology, software, or even idea to get the ball rolling, you ultimately want to create something that impacts people’s lives in a positive way.

Challenge Categories

Projects to Support Struggling Businesses

Resources for businesses in distress, including instructional materials, virtual networking platforms, strategies for reaching international clients, and assistance for enterprises grappling with the consequences of unforeseen events, economic downturns, or global health challenges.

Wellbeing and Healing

Initiatives that foster individual and community wellness. This encompasses enhancing clinical support, and offering non-clinical solutions such as therapeutic gaming, educational workshops, storytelling through children's literature, graphic narratives, and guides for mindfulness practices.

Improve Crisis Response Coordination

Efforts to enhance information dissemination, raise awareness, strengthen communication, and boost collaborative strategies, especially for designated sectors or collective entities. Emphasis is on measures that not only address immediate issues but also bolster future crisis preparedness.

Who can participate?

At all hackathons, you will definitely find a mix of developers, data scientists, and programmers on board, but it’s not all about the tech whizzes of the world. Entrepreneurs and designers are a massive part of what makes a fantastic product — because it’s not an impactful product if it’s just code and no way to pitch it. To build a team you first need to know what you’re going to be creating over the hackathon because it wouldn’t be good if you had a team building a product that uses AI to analyze data without a data scientist on board! So once the ideas have been voted and chosen, the teams are built around the needs of each project.

Become a Mentor or Expert

Share your expertise and make a difference in the lives of driven participants during our upcoming hackathon.

Applications Closed

Become a Mentor or Expert

Join a collaborative initiative to tackle real-world challenges and develop breakthrough solutions relevant to your industry.

Applications Closed

What are the prizes?

1-month of follow-on project mentorship, plus $5000 in cash awards, divided to have maximum impact on projects coming out of the Hackathon. We’re inviting others to give additional donations to increase the cash awards to teams and in-kind awards.

What is the agenda?

Day 1: Friday, October 9

Introduction and problem identification

Team formation and brainstorming


Day 2: Saturday, October 10

Prototyping & solution development

Pitch deck creation

Pitch practice & workshops

Day 3: Sunday, October 11

Pitch refinement with mentors

Dem Day: Tuesday, October 13

Pitching and networking event

Key Judging Criteria

Problem-Focused: Solve a real problem for a specific target market.

Sustainable Business Model: Demonstrate a clear path to revenue and potential for growth.

Impactful Solution: Make a measurable difference.

Working Prototype: Showcase your product/service in action.

Strong Team: Highlight the skills and expertise you bring to the table.


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