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At Bloom, we're dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with the skills and insights needed to thrive in today's dynamic environment. Our online and hybrid programs are crafted to provide you with practical skills and actionable insights, leveraging the latest in our own methods, the EU's EntreComp standards, and other quantified learning methodologies.

Here at Bloom we leverage entrepreneurship both as an outcome-oriented process (helping people launch and grow enterprises and impact-oriented organizations) and as a practical project-based learning methodology (helping people develop their skills and strengths).

These approaches can be adapted to support educational programs, accelerators, corporate learning & development, employability and future of work programs, and impact-oriented capacity building programs.

We're dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with the skills, tools and insights needed to thrive in today's dynamic environment. If you're an educator or institution looking to partner with us on delivering cutting-edge entrepreneurship education, explore our partnerships page.

Our programs blend hands-on learning with expert guidance. Develop in-demand skills, create tangible projects, and see the direct impact of your work.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Project-Based Learning

Personalized Support

Trusted by Leading Educational Institutions

AUB Entrepreneurship Skills Training (EST) Program

In collaboration with AUB and WFP, Bloom designed and ran the EST program offering participants from underserved communities an intensive learning experience in entrepreneurship and soft skills, preparing them for the digital economy. The program included a three-week sprint, a 2-month accelerator, workshops, mentorship, and support to effectively leverage a $1,500 grant to develop an early-stage project.

ESA (École Supérieure des Affaires; Graduate School of Business)

In partnership with ESA, TechStars, and a rich array of ecosystem partners, Bloom and AltCity organized this conference highlighting early-stage entrepreneurship and ecosystem building in Lebanon and MENA, fostering knowledge exchange and network expansion.

LAU Innovate & Impact Accelerator

LAU Innovate partnered with Bloom in implementing an early-stage startup and growth program as part of Bloom's "Lebanon Growth Accelerators" program, where LAU Innovate leveraged the Accelerator Capacities Assessment Tool (ACAT) and the Accelerator Masterclass series to support their own growth as a training organization, and teams leveraged the Enterprise Capacities Assessment Tool (ECAT) and other tools and methods for an enhanced enterprise growth experience.

startAD Entrepreneurship School Incubator @ NYUAD

The Spring 2024 program was an exciting program guiding students to develop their entrepreneurship skills while developing their early-stage startup projects, including leveraging Bloom's "Entrepreneurship & Leadership" skills development framework, guidance through the early-stages of problem-discovery, customer discovery, and solution testing, along with introductory applied workshops on using AI and no-code/low-code tools for rapid prototyping.

MIT, Stanford, the World Bank, and Others: Partnering for Open Innovation Week and Beyond

Bloom actively co-organizes events and activities with leading institutions like MIT, Stanford, and the World Bank. These collaborations, including workshops, discussions, and other initiatives, are designed to uplift entrepreneurs and strengthen the innovation ecosystem across Lebanon.

Bloom also took part in the MIT Refugee Learning Accelerator with the MIT Media Lab exemplifies our dedication to finding new ways to support learning and growth opportunities for refugees in the MENA region and beyond.

Lebanese University & Centre Mine Partnership

Bloom champions quality public education, especially in developing countries and challenging contexts. Despite the economic and political crisis facing Lebanon since 2019, Lebanese University's dedicated faculty and diverse student body deserve the highest international standards in education and entrepreneurship support.

Our longstanding partnership with Lebanese University and Centre MINE demonstrates our commitment to this goal. We've collaborated on:

  • Programs and activities that introduce Bloom's practical learning methods to a wider audience.
  • Impact accelerator programs to foster innovation.
  • Capacity-building initiatives to strengthen LU's entrepreneurship and innovation resources.

Success Stories Speak Louder Than Words

I want to thank the Bloom community for creating a healthy environment for interaction, growth, and, better yet, learning. I've never experienced a program like this before. Please keep doing what you're doing!

Sara ElKoussa

Sara ElKoussa

Team Lead - Cancercom

The mindset of collaboration, sharing, & support from the Bloom team & among ourselves permeated everything in the program. The ECAT was gold. The golden circle pointed to a deeper purpose for our work. Everything about it meant growth for us.

Ogechi Esimai

Team Lead - TAW Academy

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Industry Alignment & Skills Development

Bloom's education programs go beyond knowledge transfer – we help you align with the future of work. Our focus on the critical skills that employers seek (and often find lacking) is illustrated in our alignment with the EU's EntreComp framework, the UAE's Centennial Vision, and other global standards and best practices. But more than aligning with, we're innovating new approaches to help deliver on those frameworks more effectively, and at scale.

The graph below highlights the skills gap between employer expectations and recent graduate capabilities. At Bloom, we bridge this divide with targeted training and practical learning experiences designed to elevate these crucial competencies.

Bloom addresses a wide range of essential skills needed by today's workforce. Our approach combines individual growth assessments, a comprehensive library of activities, and a tailored program methodology to develop competencies in critical areas like problem-solving, creativity, digital design, reasoning, and analytical thinking.

Additionally, Bloom's project-based learning programs specifically target communication and collaboration skills, ensuring our learners excel in these crucial areas for teamwork and navigating the professional landscape.

Methodology and Insights

We embrace a holistic and adaptive approach to learning, one that nurtures growth and facilitates sustainable results. Our comprehensive framework and versatile platform support both organizations and individuals, equipping them with tools and assessments that can be finely tuned to the unique needs of each entity.

Bloom's Organizational Development Framework


Products and Services

Revenues, Financial Management & Sustainability

Community Engagement & Communication

Legal & Compliance

Team, Leadership, Staff & Volunteer Innovation & Learning

Corporate Social Responsibility

Infrastructure, Risk, Security & Resilience

Bloom's Individual Development Framework

Universal Skills/ Entrepreneurship Skills

Wellbeing & Engagement

Character Strengths

Inner Development Goals

Comprehensive Frameworks for Holistic Growth

Our methods are underpinned by renowned frameworks such as:

  • Adaptive Learning Models that tailor the educational experience to individual learner needs and progress.
  • Competency-Based Frameworks which focus on practical skills and outcomes rather than just theoretical knowledge.
  • Behavioral and Cognitive Frameworks that support the development of habits and mindsets conducive to personal and professional success.
  • Systems Thinking to understand the complex interactions within organizational structures and processes.
  • Transformational Leadership Models that inspire and facilitate change and growth within teams and leaders.

Partner with Bloom to Shape the Future of Learning

We believe in the power of collaboration. Educational institutions, organizations, and forward-thinking leaders can partner with Bloom to design and deliver bespoke entrepreneurship programs. Let's work together to empower learners, foster innovation, and prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

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