The Bloom Program Methodology

Our methodology provides a simple, actionable, & dynamic framework for creating powerful educational experiences.

The Two Pillars of Growth

The Individual

Individual capacity is the “being” side of a person, including critical skills and values that help one be effective in their work and life. These skills help people thrive!

The Organization

Organizational capacity is the “doing” side of a person, team, or organization, and the specific capacities and skills that help a team achieve their goals. These skills help organizations thrive!

Our Approach: Accessible Learning for Personal and Organizational Growth

We create accessible learning environments for individuals, teams, and organizations, regardless of experience. Our project-based and cohort-based programs are guided by Bloom's methodology, focusing on two core pillars:

The Individual: We help you develop universal skills, enhance wellbeing and engagement, and unlock your character strengths.

The Organization: We support robust organizational development, including building core enterprise capacities.

How Bloom's Methodology Works


Our self-guided assessments help you and your team identify strengths and areas for improvement.


Zero in on the specific areas where you want to focus your growth efforts.


The Bloom Platform suggests activities and provides guidance to support development in both the individual and organizational pillars.

Our holistic approach instills habits and practices for lasting impact, extending well beyond the program itself.

Program Structure

The Bloom Program follows a structured path:





Demo Day

The magic of the Bloom Program Methodology is its adaptability. It fuels growth in all sorts of settings:

  1. Established Organizations: Revitalize your company culture and boost productivity.
  2. Project-Based Learning: Take your projects to the next level.
  3. Startup Accelerators: Launch your venture with confidence.
  4. Sprints and Bootcamps: Gain skills and momentum in a flash.
  5. ...and more!

Learn How Bloom Drives Growth & Innovation

This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of our mission, methods, platform features, and partnership approaches for skills development and entrepreneurship.

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