The Bloom Method

The Bloom Method  provides a simple, dynamic, and adaptive learning environment for individuals, teams and organizations through a guided approach of project-based and cohort-based learning. 

The Method helps people and teams improve along 2 Core Pillars: 

1) The Individual: Universal Skills, Wellbeing and Engagement, and Character Strengths
2) The Organization: Organization Development, including Enterprise Capacities

The Method helps individuals and teams assess core areas of strengths and weaknesses, and then prioritize specific areas for further learning and development. 

The Bloom platform provides guidance and suggested activities for improvement across both pillars, with an emphasis on supporting development in both pillars simultaneously, such as working on improving a specific individual skill through activities that are helping with a core organizational need. 

The Bloom Method can be used in different contexts: Inside companies or organizations, in project-based learning programs (youth, school, university, etc), in startup accelerators, for short events such as startup sprints or hackathons, or others.