Imagine a team that knows no borders, that believes in remote work so we can collaborate with the best people worldwide, wherever they are. Imagine a team that supports each other’s personal growth and ambitions, just as they support the growth and ambitions of our organization. That’s what we’re building at Bloom.


Maybe you’ve become an expert in your domain of work, built up a pool of experience worth sharing, had great success in your own field, or had a mentor of your own who helped you. Regardless, mentoring is something you can do that makes a direct difference in someone else’s life and business.


The Bloom Fellows Program matches talented individuals with enterprises and accelerators in our programs to provide short-term (1-3 months) intensive support. Fellows receive a stipend, can work in-person or virtually, and work full-time (or close to it) directly with the enterprises and accelerators in our programs.


Take part in our community and get access to diverse growth tools, and resources. We love connecting people together, you can connect with beautiful humans from our entrepreneurial ecosystem around the world.

Meet the Bloom team!

David Munir Nabti20220927121319

David Munir Nabti

Co-Founder & General Manager/CEO
Bilal Ghalib20220926121618

Bilal Ghalib

Co-Founder, Head of Research & Training System Lead
Dara Mouracade20220925123014

Dara Mouracade

Project Manager
Christelle Fakhoury20220925122946

Christelle Fakhoury

People & Ops Lead
Jana Haounji20220925122816

Jana Haounji

HR Lead
Samer Azar20220924123555

Samer Azar

Finance & Compliance Lead
Carol Awad20220922123508

Carol Awad

Project Manager
Habib Tawk20220921123728

Habib Tawk

Training Content & Fellowship Program Manager
Richard Sanyour20220921123631

Richard Sanyour

M&E / Project Development Coordinator
Rodrigue Kotmossion20220921123500

Rodrigue Kotmossion

Finance Coordinator
Mujtaba Al-Tameemi20220921122132
Stephanie Shaar20220921120932

Stephanie Shaar

Community Engagement & Event Coordinator
Bana Ghandour20220722063616

Bana Ghandour

Content Creator
Tiffany Chlala20220721063809

Tiffany Chlala

Mentors & Program Manager
Claude Krait20220622120834

Claude Krait

Operations & Research Associate
Ahmad Renco20220621120702

Ahmad Renco

Finance System & Tech Support
Mohamad Abdelbary20220509065550

Mohamad Abdelbary

Software Engineer
Maytham Al Ibrahimi20220505072036

Maytham Al Ibrahimi

Software Developer