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Bloom helps individuals, enterprises, and accelerators boost their impact and growth through tools and programs that help people come alive. Our mission is to make values-driven skills development, organizational development, and entrepreneurship support universal.

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Accelerator Programs

Our intensive programs provide mentorship, resources, and a supportive community to accelerate the growth of startups and established teams.


The HerMeNow Accelerator empowers women-led social enterprises in MENA & Africa with training, mentorship, and funding to scale their impact.


The Asfari Challenge provides social innovators in the Levant with a virtual accelerator, mentorship, and funding opportunities.

Digital Transformation Program - Bloom X Cinop

The Digital Transformation Training Program empowers SMEs & entrepreneurs in Lebanon to thrive in today's digital world.

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Bloom for Education

We empower educators to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking, drive project-based learning, and personalize support. Partner with us for cutting-edge programs that prepare students for success.

startAD - NYUAD

Some of our education program partners include:

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The Bloom Platform

The Bloom platform makes it easier to run adaptive entrepreneurship & project-based learning programs that respond to the needs of individuals and organizations in a classroom or program, leveraging AI and human connections with peers, mentors, and trainers to support impact at any scale.

Qatar MCIT DIC Participants Utilizing the Bloom Platform

Assess & Prioritize

Identify your strengths, growth areas, and goals through tailored assessments and expert guidance.

Develop Your Growth Plan

Receive recommendations, actionable steps, and tools to achieve your individual and team objectives.

Access & Track Progress

Explore curated resources, track your development journey, and celebrate milestones along the way.

Bloom News Highlights

HerMeNow 2024

HerMeNow Atolye Event: Fostering Collaboration and Impact for Women-Led Social Enterprises

Digital Transformation Program - Cinop

Celebrating SME Success: Highlights from the Digital Transformation Training Program

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Bloom empowers individuals and organizations through a comprehensive suite of services. We offer skills development programs in entrepreneurship and organizational development, mentorship and networking opportunities with a vast and diverse network of experts, and innovation support with tools and resources to foster innovative solutions and business strategies.

Additionally, we provide customized training solutions for startups, SMEs, and corporate teams, and help assess and enhance the social and economic impact of enterprises through our impact evaluation services.

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