COP28 Collaborative Community

COP28 Collaborative Community in Dubai: Uniting for Climate Action

Welcome to the COP28 Collaborative Community in Dubai, a dynamic initiative designed to amplify your impact at the COP28 summit.

Heading to COP28 and looking to maximize your impact? Join our collaborative community initiative designed to streamline your COP28 experience. This isn't just another platform; it's a dynamic community effort that brings together participants, experts, and enthusiasts in a shared mission to tackle the climate crisis. Ready to make a difference?

Why Join Our COP28 Collaborative Community?

Amplify Your Voice

Share your experiences and insights to enrich the global climate dialogue.

Network with Purpose

Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations committed to climate action.

Shape the Climate Conversation

Your contributions can influence the discussions and outcomes at COP28, leading to actionable solutions.

Enhance Your COP28 Journey

Spread the Word

Let others know about this initiative and invite them to join our growing community.

Stay Connected

Keep up with real-time updates and discussions through our WhatsApp group.

Contribute Your Insights

Help document events, share notes, and ensure that valuable perspectives are captured.

Build Valuable Connections

Add your profile to our roster and explore opportunities to collaborate with a diverse group of passionate individuals and organizations.

Engage More Deeply

Reach out to us to take a more active role in shaping this community-driven effort.

Who Should Participate? Everyone at COP28!

If you're attending COP28 and are passionate about contributing to a more sustainable future, this initiative is for you. Whether you're a climate expert, an activist, or simply someone who cares deeply about our planet, your participation is crucial.

Join Our COP28 WhatsApp Group Now!

Join our dedicated COP28 WhatsApp group now for a seamless way to network, share insights, and stay informed about the event in real-time, enhancing your overall experience at this pivotal climate summit.

Our Collaborative Community's Driving Forces

HerMeNow Accelerator and Bloom spearhead this initiative, but it's powered by people like you – each bringing unique perspectives and energy to the table.

Empowering women-led enterprises in the green and social impact sectors.

Focused on building inclusive and sustainable economies through innovative programs.

Explore Our Dynamic Presence at COP28!

Get inspired by our supported green teams, learn about partnership opportunities, and understand how your contributions can make a difference.

Got Questions or Ideas? We're all ears! Contact us at Let's collaborate to make COP28 a turning point for global climate action.

This is a community-driven initiative that evolves with your participation. Engage, connect, and let's create impactful change at COP28 together!