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Bloom has been instrumental in sparking sustainable innovation and nurturing eco-centric enterprises. Our history is rich with programs like the HerMeNow Accelerator and the EON Program, which embody the essence of COP28's goals —

transformative action, inclusive development, and pragmatic solutions to climate challenges.

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Discover how our supported enterprises are driving environmental change and innovation. From renewable energy projects to sustainable agriculture, these teams embody our commitment to fostering eco-friendly solutions.

Belta Logo
Belta recycles waste paper from schools and offices into eco-friendly products, aiming to eliminate paper burning, reduce air pollution, and promote sustainability.

Belta Kazimoto

At Ndogo Farms, we convert small spaces into gardens using eco friendly fabrics in urban areas to ensure access to fresh and organically grown food at the comfort of people's own homes.

Elizabeth Koigi

Kuja Ecopads effectively uses CleanTech innovations to manufacture and distribute low-cost sanitary pads, made from banana stem agro waste, to women and girls in low-income communities in Cameroon.
Photo of Marie-Claire N.Kuja. - Founder of Kuja Eco-Pads

Marie Claire Nabila Kuja

Hazel Farm combines farming with entertainment, promoting organic food & environmental awareness. Guests participate in planting, harvesting, and farm-to-table experiences, enjoying seasonal festivals and activities.

Iman Mostafa

Dekenet Al Nes is a store that includes all the basic needs for food & household products purchased in bulk quantities & sold without packaging, with very affordable prices to increase people’s purchase power. Customers bring their own containers to buy their needs in the quantity they need, thus reducing packaging waste and food waste.

Anwar Zeineddine

Colea Agritech offers innovative and sustainable Olive Mill Wastewater Treatment Technologies. These advanced solutions help olive oil production businesses in the Mediterranean basin enhance efficiency and sustainability, integrating circularity and profitability into their supply chain while significantly minimizing their environmental footprint.
Thaer Tafesh

Thaer Tafesh

ÝAKIN, by a trailblazing female duo, fuses ethical design with eco-sustainability in smart, flat-pack products. They elevate aesthetics and quality, promoting accessible, sustainable living through a revolutionary approach.

Bruna Teeny & Sabine Skayem

SunCode is a startup working on developing a convective solar drying machine allowing a safer, faster, and easier drying of food products than the conventional drying method used currently, with zero operational cost.

Sara Hamieh


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