Our mission is
your growth!

Bloom helps individuals, enterprises, and accelerators boost their impact and growth through tools and programs that help people come alive.

Our mission is to make values-driven skills development, organizational development, and entrepreneurship support universal.

Where we aspire to go

We envision a world where all people have an equal opportunity to have a meaningful life, to develop their skills and contribute to sustainable, values-driven social and economic development.

Our code of ethics

To work on solutions for difficult challenges, to do things never done before, and to do things that other people think are impossible or crazy.

Including encouragement to experiment and fail, learn from those failures, and continue experimenting.

In all that we do, for our team, partners, and community.

We will collectively enable the superbloom (or superblooms) of opportunity when people have equal access to the supports and opportunities that help them thrive, regardless of gender, nationality, geography, ethnicity, religious affiliation, socioeconomic upbringing, physical abilities, or other aspects. We celebrate diversity and think it strengthens us, both within the Bloom team, the broader Bloom community, and the communities and world we live in.

Including self-care, wellbeing, and personal growth of our team.

 and the occasional “weirdness”. (May include dancing, poetry, water-colors, and other kinds of expression.)

Leveraging NI (natural intelligence) and AI (artificial intelligence), to help people around the world, especially in the most difficult situations, in the most difficult places.

Appreciating that personal growth of individuals along with organizational and community growth all happen best within a positive and collaborative ecosystem of carers, peers, coaches, supporters, and enablers.

Embracing remote work and distributed teams so we can collaborate with the best people worldwide, wherever they are, while supporting programs, communities and people worldwide, wherever they are.

On personal growth, organizational development, and economic development, and then pushing beyond those limits to do our own research, develop our own methods, and build new tools, to then share them with the world.

Bloom is working to maximize impact through our programs, methodology, and platform by training and supporting social entrepreneurs worldwide. We support initiatives across SDG areas and other challenges, but we are particularly interested in specific impact areas.

We are here
to grow together!

We grew up in some of the hardest, and easiest, places to thrive. Through our own personal heritages, spanning Lebanon, Iraq, Silicon Valley and many others, we know that potential and capability don’t depend on geography. But opportunity and support do.

We wanted to bring top-quality entrepreneurship support to the places where it’s most needed. So, over eight years, we crunched over the best research, and our decades-long experience in entrepreneurship incubation. We combined the best of education, technology, the pursuit of meaning, the Sustainable Development Goals, and insights for inner knowledge.

Bloom is an affiliate of AltCity Impact, a registered non-profit based in Lebanon.


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Bloom Impact Priorities

Addressing critical challenges, and building the framework for a more positive future.

Innovation, creativity, and leveraging the power of “entrepreneurial mindsets” and entrepreneurial approaches can be powerful for addressing any challenge worldwide. We’ve worked on a wide range of issues, including education, health, telecoms, financial inclusion, migration, sanitation, food/agriculture, conflict/crisis response, and more. While we’re excited to collaborate on efforts addressing a wide range of challenges, we focus our own impact work on two main categories of challenges:

Grand Challenges for our global human community:

Environmental Sustainability & Resilience

Equality of Opportunity & Human Mobility

Foundation Challenges that will unlock solutions to other global challenges and SDGs:

Education & Lifelong Learning

Culture & Mindsets

Governance, Citizenship, and Public Sector Innovation

Culture and Mindset
Education and lifelong learning
Equality of opportunity and human mobility
Environmental sustainability and resilience
Governance, citizenship and public sector innovation

The sustainable development goals

Our work in these fields is in active development, and we welcome collaborations and support on these efforts.

No poverty
No hunger
Good Health
Quality Education
Gender Equality
Clean water and sanitation
Renewable energy
good jobs and economic growth
innovation & infrastructure
Reduced inequality
sustainable cities and communities
responsible consumption
climate action
life below water
Life on land
Peace & Justice
Partnership for the goals