Charpy Biochar Products and Services

Biochar is a charcoal-like material produced from forestry, agricultural, or landscaping residues, and predominantly used in agriculture. Biochar is globally known as the most readily available technology for long-term storage of carbon dioxide with co-benefits.
Charpy aims to deliver biochar products to Lebanese agriculture and industries, valorizing local biomass resources (agricultural residues, by-products of food production, landscaping waste), striving for increased productivity and efficient water and nutrient use, with climate change mitigation and adaptation as side effects.
Charpy aims to operate climate-certified biochar production facilities in agro-industrial hubs, delivering bioenergy to industries. Charpy further manufactures patented biochar products and fertilizers for plant nurseries and farmers. Charpy cooperates with farmers, industries, and municipalities within the range of its facilities for the management of problematic residual biomass.
Charpy aims to offer environmentally superior and more affordable products, contributing to solving farmer liquidity issues, high energy prices, and waste management challenges, while mitigating and adapting to climate change in Lebanon

COLEA AgriTech

COLEA Agritech offers Innovative Olive Mill Wastewater Treatment Technologies
Which help olive oil production business in the Mediterranean basin
bring circularity and profitability into their supply chain
while minimizing their environmental footprint.


CancerCom is a digital solution that will transform the journey of cancer patients through increased accessibility to support and a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.


Bookerang platform serves the community of book lovers, students & parents in an affordable way of renting books & handling them responsibly


Takween integrates traditional patterns with modern technologies connecting cultural identity in a contemporary style.

Dekenet AlNes

Dekenet Al Nes is a store including all the basic needs for food & household products purchased in bulk quantities & sold without packaging & with very affordable prices to increase the people’s purchase power. Customers bring their own containers to buy their needs in the quantity they need, thus reducing packaging wastes and food wastes.
Most of our suppliers are small local businesses & farmers to support in creating an effective supply chain and in contributing to the economic cycle.
The store is based on solidarity and cooperative shares to guarantee social profitability. The contributors can leger their benefits to people in need.


Jamra Plus produces alternative and sustainable briquettes of charcoal from spent coffee grounds.


Word Wave creates a freelancing platform for the region that is specialized in content writing and provides training and programs from experts in the different content writing fields.


Littera is your range of products to learn a language while you are having fun.
Whether you are a parent supporting your child to acquire a new language, or a teacher teaching how to write and read letters and words, or a professional strengthening the skills of an individual with difficulties, Littera was created for you.

Volunteering Marathon

The Volunteering Marathon is a unique volunteering experience that brings 42 Volunteering missions with 42 different NGOs for 42 consecutive days in all over the country.