Charpy Biochar Products and Services

Biochar is a charcoal-like material produced from forestry, agricultural, or landscaping residues, and predominantly used in agriculture. Biochar is globally known as the most readily available technology for long-term storage of carbon dioxide with co-benefits.
Charpy aims to deliver biochar products to Lebanese agriculture and industries, valorizing local biomass resources (agricultural residues, by-products of food production, landscaping waste), striving for increased productivity and efficient water and nutrient use, with climate change mitigation and adaptation as side effects.
Charpy aims to operate climate-certified biochar production facilities in agro-industrial hubs, delivering bioenergy to industries. Charpy further manufactures patented biochar products and fertilizers for plant nurseries and farmers. Charpy cooperates with farmers, industries, and municipalities within the range of its facilities for the management of problematic residual biomass.
Charpy aims to offer environmentally superior and more affordable products, contributing to solving farmer liquidity issues, high energy prices, and waste management challenges, while mitigating and adapting to climate change in Lebanon