Drive Green

Drive Green is a Lebanese based startup whose main aim is to accelerate the shift to an electrified transportation sector in the MENA region. We do that by providing businesses with delivery services with a sustainable transportation scheme. This scheme consists of a high torque long-range electric motorcycle and energy-on-demand. The latter is through its strategically located solar powered battery swapping stations.


DonaLeb is a global social impact platform that connects people, corporations, and NGOs to achieve collective impact across causes and communities via virtual fitness challenges, with the goal of making the world a better and happier place. DonaLeb’s use of leaderboards as a fundamental gamification component is great for improving people’s attitudes regarding their health and social impact.

Darrebni ICT

An online platform that connects trainees to top coaches and training institutes anywhere in the world. It promotes a wide variety of in-person and virtual opportunities to support personal and professional advancement.
Since it was born Aimed at addressing social problems; promoting social justice of equal education and improving the access to opportunities for deprived and to contribute to sustainable development. Darrebni ICT will be focusing on bringing in opportunities, free full programs, suitable ones, and a chance for offline institutes to regain presence.