The objectives of JINI are to facilitate the process of ordering a service ,
provide reliable services by contacting and collaborating with the most prominent companies of every field and offering a time efficient solution that brings together companies and their corresponding audience.
JINI helps customers seeking a high-quality service by offering them a service 100% personalized, 10% cheaper and 100% quicker
Moreover, in order to extend its Business-to-Business (B2B) business scope, JINI offers integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies to its service providers. Its CRM includes processes like accounting, inventory, and sales to come up with a streamlined process.

The services we offer in a nutshell:
Cleaning services
Solar energy system
Maintenance (AC repair , electricians)
Pest control
Home remodeling


our solution addresses the issues with new innovations, through a platform and a product
We make designes’ life easier, We digitize the whole conceptual process, We simplify 3D design software through — algorithm to automatically upload sketches to 3D design
Platform is easy for all designers, not only those who are trained And it works as a plug and play system, no prior knowledge or skill required, it allows you to see the technical, the 3d and the pattern. With a customizable library that allows you to easily alter your design.
Giving designers a competitive edge, with them being able to experiment and prototype faster,
Have their designs 3d modeled and simulated, we’re talking about a major game changer here: virtual fitting, virtual show, on demand manufacturing
maybe later on integrate AR tech in their e-commerce
And then we introduce 3D Printing to this industry, our re-engineered machines allow the introduction of new materials that are skin friendly, sanitary, zero waste, cruelty free and fully recyclable to an industry that is known for being one of the most polluting industries in the world

Modeo Systems

The system is based on a small number of modular parts, available in multiple colors and materials, they snap together very easily to create any furniture around the house or office like shelving units, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes… With some additional accessories, you can create beds, desks, and sofas. The parts snap together with a proprietary snap-fit mechanism, which makes the furniture very easy to assemble, without tools and with minimal efforts. the parts are also easy to disassemble and to reassemble again in other configurations, it’s like playing Lego. The parts are available in kits, or from our mobile app, which allows the customization of the modules and visualizing them in augmented reality.


Arcadous is an online gaming platform that allows eSports players to monetize their gaming experience on a microtransaction level by:

1. The Arcade:
Offering a combination of both traditional and hybrid tournaments (within the eSports guidelines)
A. Free paid & Sponsored Scrims
B. Fast Rewarding Algorithm
C. Gain Competitive Experience

2. Career Portal:
Allowing the professional gamers with eSports experience multiple career opportunities such as:
– Judges
– Casters
– Operators
– Tournament Organizers

The professionals will be able to provide their services in return for micro-transaction fees.

3. The Agency:
Arcadous allows both small and big brands to sponsor in the eSports ecosystem through the platform. We established an ecosystem node where we have the gamers and the viewers, strong relationships with different gaming communities, eSports organizations, and top gaming influencers, along with regional Telco and its Operators.

Fast Pax

Our business offers a lifeline to SMEs who have struggled to pay the high fees demanded by marketplaces. Our solution aims to eliminate the high costs involved in marketplace, fulfillment and delivery services by providing them a cost-effective option.

We are the ONE partner to a business that would help simplify the ride, eliminate the inconvenience and optimize the process.

We help our clients scale through setting up their ecommerce business. We offer end to end innovative solution to ecommerce businesses from product placement, seo optimization, client targeting, payment gateway integration, shipping partner setup, product delivery worldwide and money return.

We cover the whole cycle from marketing to low-cost and instant on-demand delivery. We use ONLINA, our commission-free e-commerce platform for product placement, and our logistics network covers the shipping nationwide and worldwide.

As we earlier mentioned, how do we optimize it? while on average a merchant spents $29 on marketplace and credit card commissions for $100 checkout, on onlina.shop it will cost him only $3.5 that’s 88% lower.