our solution addresses the issues with new innovations, through a platform and a product
We make designes’ life easier, We digitize the whole conceptual process, We simplify 3D design software through — algorithm to automatically upload sketches to 3D design
Platform is easy for all designers, not only those who are trained And it works as a plug and play system, no prior knowledge or skill required, it allows you to see the technical, the 3d and the pattern. With a customizable library that allows you to easily alter your design.
Giving designers a competitive edge, with them being able to experiment and prototype faster,
Have their designs 3d modeled and simulated, we’re talking about a major game changer here: virtual fitting, virtual show, on demand manufacturing
maybe later on integrate AR tech in their e-commerce
And then we introduce 3D Printing to this industry, our re-engineered machines allow the introduction of new materials that are skin friendly, sanitary, zero waste, cruelty free and fully recyclable to an industry that is known for being one of the most polluting industries in the world