Fast Pax

Our business offers a lifeline to SMEs who have struggled to pay the high fees demanded by marketplaces. Our solution aims to eliminate the high costs involved in marketplace, fulfillment and delivery services by providing them a cost-effective option.

We are the ONE partner to a business that would help simplify the ride, eliminate the inconvenience and optimize the process.

We help our clients scale through setting up their ecommerce business. We offer end to end innovative solution to ecommerce businesses from product placement, seo optimization, client targeting, payment gateway integration, shipping partner setup, product delivery worldwide and money return.

We cover the whole cycle from marketing to low-cost and instant on-demand delivery. We use ONLINA, our commission-free e-commerce platform for product placement, and our logistics network covers the shipping nationwide and worldwide.

As we earlier mentioned, how do we optimize it? while on average a merchant spents $29 on marketplace and credit card commissions for $100 checkout, on it will cost him only $3.5 that’s 88% lower.