Little Melly

How Little Melly Solves These Pains:
1. Little Melly was founded on the basis of correcting parents’ understanding of what baby food is. Long gone are the days of shelf-stable jars. Parents know what healthy is, and we only make healthy. One of our values is “baby-worthiness”. What we mean by that is we will only create and sell a product we are proud of. If we need any one ingredient or process that is unhealthy for your baby, we will simply not proceed with it. Parents trust our values and see us carrying them out on a daily basis.

2. Little Melly’s business model makes healthy food accessible, even to the busiest of parents. With our subscription model, fresh baby and toddler food is delivered to homes on a regular basis. Moreover, every month we send out around 700 portions of baby food to NGOs who then distribute them to babies and families in need. 80% of a child’s brain is developed by age 2, and studies have shown that the way a child’s brain is developed will actually determine their future income and socio-economic status! Our mission helps raise better generations. Our food menus are curated by dietitians and encompass a wide variety of both Lebanese and international recipes, allowing babies to develop a wide acceptance for food.

3. As a company, we are able to more easily source quality and premium ingredients from the market in order to cook high-quality baby food. We dedicate our time to finding the right suppliers for each ingredient.

4. As Little Melly is a local brand, we are able to sell our products for almost half the price of imported substitutes. As such, it is prime time for our brand to begin its local and international expansion.

Nerdy coach

A) General Description:
Nerdy Coach is an algorithm-powered fitness app specialized in skill progressions. Designed in a gamified way with the MENA user in head. The app is used for a home workout, helping users learn a new skill while in the process of losing weight, gaining muscle, or increasing endurance.

B) What it does:
Nerdy Coach builds unique weekly workouts, adapted to the user body, progress and performance. Furthermore, to keep the user motivated the app will create a path to learn a new skill packaged in a gamified way.

How it works/Design:

1. Initiation and structure:
When initiated, the app will assess the user’s performance level by asking him to complete certain exercises. Based on the data gathered a series of objectives will be offered to the user, these objectives are in the form of skills (e.g. First pull up).
The user will be required to pick three different objectives (labeled by the app), one related to the upper body (e.g. muscle up), and another for the lower body (e.g. pistol squat), and finally one for the core (e.g. Toes to bar). Based on these objectives a decision tree-like visual will be created for the user, the latter will be the progression path toward the unlockable skills. This path will be divided into small objectives.

2. Algorithm:
The algorithm will be in charge of helping the user go from one small objective to the other, ultimately unlocking the Major skill picked at the initiation phase.
This algorithm will assess the user progress every week and based on this assessment the next week’s workout will be created. The workout created is unique to the user with a purpose to optimize the workout and minimize the risk of injury.
The algorithm can also take into account missing workout days, shift in schedule, and a need for a shorter session.

3. Gamification (giving the app some emotions):

• Storyline:
The user will be in charge of growing a personalized avatar. How?
At the initiation phase, A Big Egg that shakes and moves will be offered to the user, the egg will crack after 1 month of workout, creating a sense of curiosity.
Different avatars will be offered to the users depending on their workout habits. For example, a person who works out at night might receive a cute little owl, another a kangaroo if he has exceptionally strong legs. Receiving an avatar that has similar attributes to the user will push him to take care of it.
The more the user moves on the path toward his objective the stronger the avatar becomes; growing muscle and gaining animated skills. Moreover, why not win special skin and clothe when we achieve a certain goal as a reward

• Social support:
To keep motivation high, the app will connect friends so that they can support each other by following each other progress, compete, and achieve team goals.
• Unlocking a skill:
When the user unlocks an ultimate skill -the final node of the progression path (e.g. muscle up)- he/she will have the possibility to attach to the node a video of himself doing it. A notification to his friend will be sent, pushing them to go check their friends’ achievements and write an encouraging message.
• Gamification tools:
A scoreboard will be set to rank friends, Badges will be created to create side quests, Special events will be created…
• Tracking :
Summering up all the user effort a UX/UI friendly dashboard on the homepage will show his progress, encouraging the user to keep the effort.

Dooda Solutions

Dooda Solutions, herby proposes an effective intervention that tackles the problem from the roots through providing the product Vermicompost to farmers which enables them to utilize its benefits on offer to their soil quality, yield, and farming profits. Vermicompost is a humus like organic soil amendment that is said to increase crop yield by 2 to 3 times, reduces irrigation requirement by 30%, and increase products’ shelf life. In addition, vermicompost application results in 15-20% increase in maximum germination, promotes early and vigorous growth and increases plant immunity to pests and diseases which reduces the need for pesticide application. Moreover, vermicompost is rich in humic acid, fulvic acid and growth bacteria. By improving soil fertility, crops will have higher tissue nutrient concentrations and higher yields. Therefore, vermicompost can increase farming revenues. Besides, Dooda offers services to farmers to do in-site composting of agricultural waste, offers a 360 degree solution where we provide free soil testing, full environmental and agricultural analysis and recommends the best fertilizers and best crops to be planted.


WonderEd offers a healthy alternative that teaches children 21st-century STEAM skills through its off-screen play-based methodology.
At WonderEd, we are creating lifelong learning experiences starting at the age of 3, teaching little one the foundations of coding through hands-on activities. We created a 6 levels coding curriculum that we are in the process of digitizing to make it widely available for educators worldwide. We also created training modules to train educators on teaching coding through play.

In addition to our Coding sessions, we invested in R&D to create a resource for parents so they can contribute to teaching their little kids coding at home while playing. Our Coding Kits are made of wipeable activity books, robot plushies, large-scale maps, and other accessories. Using our kits, children learn and practice spatial awareness, sequence, writing basic algorithms, conditionals and loops.

PQ Project

What OODA aims to provide is an innovative value proposition by targeting a growing market segment that was always existent but never digitally realized. OODA provides an answer to this key question: “Why should I book a hotel room for a full overnight rate when I only need it for a few hours?” A digital business transformation for daycations is highly needed to cater to this growing trend worldwide and nationwide that is currently managed on a case-by-case basis and often run into human errors since all operation is manually handled. What it needs is a standard, streamlined method that is both simple and discrete. While OODA is still in MVP, it was able to generate traction of onboarding hotels and resorts particularly in Beirut and suburbs with ongoing talks to expand further.

Green Track

Green Track is a social enterprise, offering both a service and a product, forming an overall solution to fix the neglected waste management process in Lebanon. Our approach involves three phases, and begins with a service. Using a model that already runs successfully in the Tripoli area and surrounding townships and villages, our first phase starts with an awareness campaign.
We recruit local volunteers seeking change, largely composed women whom we call our ‘Green Women’, and run awareness campaigns that interact with individual households and entire communities. Here we show them how to sort their garbage, the effects that a cleaner environment has, and get them to have a stake in a cleaner environment. Once apartment buildings show interest, we remove any obstacles they face to sorting at source by offering them free garbage bags and a collection bin in their building. This service is our foundation, which provides us with a steady supply of recyclable waste for our operations.
Phase two is our collection phase. Here we provide the households that engage with us with a free weekly pick up service from their building/ approximate area. In this we also collaborate with a similar company in Beirut called LiveLoveRecycle, whose waste collection application we offer to households in Tripoli, though those that use it are in the minority. The collection is currently done with a truck that we own, but we have leased two electric garbage tuktuks from LiveLoveRecycle in order to increase our collection ability as we are increasing our household engagement in Tripoli.
Phase three is the processing and sale of the recyclable material. The weekly pick up brings all the waste to our warehouse in Jabal Mohsen, Tripoli. Here the materials are further sorted (different types of plastic separated, metals, cardboard, electronics) by our employees. At this stage the valorisation process begins. The dirtier plastic is baled in our baling machine into 70m2 – 25 kilo bales, with an average market value of $350 per ton. The cleaner household plastic is shredded into small flakes and bagged, with an average market value of $400 per ton. We are also in the process of developing a plastic cleaning machine for the plastic flakes, which raises the value to $550 market per ton. The metals and aluminium are also sorted into their various types, and are sold at approx $800 per ton.
We sell our plastic to local Lebanese buyers. Currently our customers are those that process it further and re-use the plastic to create new products.

We offer several services:
1- The online wishlist service (free tool) for any happy event
2- The feature for a group of people to offer one common valuable gift
3- The feature for NGOs or a group of people to collect funds for their social and humanitarian actions
4- The regular e-commerce service where you can shop for a gift and get it delivered to your doorstep.
5- The service for expatriates for their gifting needs from abroad to their relatives and family in Lebanon.


Mellow offers a wide selection of handmade organic soaps, towels, and home products carefully selected to suit our customers need.
Our products are hand crafted by passionate designers and artisans.
Mellow also caters to all kind of events with trendsetting ideas for gifts and giveaways.
Together with our customers, we co-create products that are useful and practical to their everyday life.

Le Joyau d’Olive

What we offer is a natural soap that is made following the ancestral craft of soapmaking. We are priced in between a cheap soap and an expensive yet we offer a higher quality in comparison to both already existing alternatives. Our soap has a story behind that people resonate with. It has an award winning branding and a family or artisans who handcrafted each soap that leaves our workshop.

Find A Nurse

Find A Nurse set out to become the easiest and most reliable way to find, hire, and manage nurses, nannies, and trusted caregivers.

Our online platform allows users to browse nearby caregivers’ profiles, filter and sort them based on proximity and fees, and check their photos, availability, qualifications, locations, and biographies.