Dooda Solutions

Dooda Solutions, herby proposes an effective intervention that tackles the problem from the roots through providing the product Vermicompost to farmers which enables them to utilize its benefits on offer to their soil quality, yield, and farming profits. Vermicompost is a humus like organic soil amendment that is said to increase crop yield by 2 to 3 times, reduces irrigation requirement by 30%, and increase products’ shelf life. In addition, vermicompost application results in 15-20% increase in maximum germination, promotes early and vigorous growth and increases plant immunity to pests and diseases which reduces the need for pesticide application. Moreover, vermicompost is rich in humic acid, fulvic acid and growth bacteria. By improving soil fertility, crops will have higher tissue nutrient concentrations and higher yields. Therefore, vermicompost can increase farming revenues. Besides, Dooda offers services to farmers to do in-site composting of agricultural waste, offers a 360 degree solution where we provide free soil testing, full environmental and agricultural analysis and recommends the best fertilizers and best crops to be planted.