Little Melly

How Little Melly Solves These Pains:
1. Little Melly was founded on the basis of correcting parents’ understanding of what baby food is. Long gone are the days of shelf-stable jars. Parents know what healthy is, and we only make healthy. One of our values is “baby-worthiness”. What we mean by that is we will only create and sell a product we are proud of. If we need any one ingredient or process that is unhealthy for your baby, we will simply not proceed with it. Parents trust our values and see us carrying them out on a daily basis.

2. Little Melly’s business model makes healthy food accessible, even to the busiest of parents. With our subscription model, fresh baby and toddler food is delivered to homes on a regular basis. Moreover, every month we send out around 700 portions of baby food to NGOs who then distribute them to babies and families in need. 80% of a child’s brain is developed by age 2, and studies have shown that the way a child’s brain is developed will actually determine their future income and socio-economic status! Our mission helps raise better generations. Our food menus are curated by dietitians and encompass a wide variety of both Lebanese and international recipes, allowing babies to develop a wide acceptance for food.

3. As a company, we are able to more easily source quality and premium ingredients from the market in order to cook high-quality baby food. We dedicate our time to finding the right suppliers for each ingredient.

4. As Little Melly is a local brand, we are able to sell our products for almost half the price of imported substitutes. As such, it is prime time for our brand to begin its local and international expansion.