Social Media Specialist


Who we are 

Bloom is a non-governmental initiative where the team comes from diverse communities and backgrounds, creating a community with strong ties. Bloom was founded in 2018, while being affiliated with a team that has been running entrepreneurship programs since 2008, and is currently running 5 programs supporting startups and accelerators across the Middle East & Africa, has more than 50 partners, and is growing. Bloom programs to help individuals, businesses, and accelerators create jobs and grow, while building a new training methodology and software to support startups, small and medium businesses, and entrepreneurship support programs. Many issues, including education, health, telecoms, financial inclusion, migration, sanitation, food/agriculture, conflict/crisis response, and more, are being handled throughout specific programs.



We are searching for experienced and enthusiastic people to join Bloom’s team. We are a team that knows no borders,  believes in remote work and collaborates with the best people worldwide, wherever they are. We value each team member’s personal growth and ambitions, just as they support the growth and ambitions of our organization.  We see ourselves as a family, help and look after each other; we are interested in someone who can add their positive vibes to the team! Please see our mission, vision, and values on our About page, and how we’re building a culture built on respect, fun, kindness, impact, and more, and if you’re as excited about those as we are, then we look forward to connecting with you about possibly joining the team!


Job Brief

We are looking for an experienced Social Media Specialist to join our team! This person will be responsible for creating regular content and distributing it across social media outlets to increase our presence and outreach in the MENA region (If you landed directly on this page, please also visit Join the Team, and About Us.)

Bloom brings about positive change through our programs and methods that bridge personal, professional, and organizational development. We’re working to strengthen those similar efforts within our internal team processes in order to help all our employees grow personally and professionally while improving our organizational capacities and impact.
We’re working to build an amazing team that can effectively work together, innovate together, and grow together. Our team is distributed across 6 countries, with primary programs currently in 9 countries across the MENA region. 

Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Design strategy to capture content from various events and activities taking place in Bloom events and premises (and off-site events)\
  • Lead the development of Bloom online social media channels and engage relevant audiences.
  • Coordinate with bloggers, videographers, editors, photographers and other stakeholders on the capture and creation of media content.
  • Design strategy of content dissemination to effectively address organizational objectives
  • Implement simple design updates and adaptations for different social media channels and uses
  • Manage updates on Bloom website and make sure all communication across channels is standardized, aligned.
  • Manage Bloom Newsletter and write articles and blog posts about Bloom teams, programs, and partners, including conducting interviews, attending events, etc, for publication on our site and others.
  • Take the lead on website development from features to user engagement and community development.



  • BA in Communications, English Language, or relevant work experience in these fields.
  • Proven work experience as a social media specialist with a portfolio of accounts handled and/or published articles/materials.
  • Strong English and Arabic communication skills (writing, speaking, listening) to collaborate with various stakeholders.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and think creatively.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit, familiarity with the entrepreneurship ecosystem accompanied with a can-do attitude.

Interested? Excited? Please fill out the form below to start the process and we’ll get back to you soon.