To see an overview of the Bloom Platform, go to the main Bloom Platform page.

The Bloom platform is currently in private beta use in our own programs and with partners, and is undergoing active development. We are gradually onboarding additional partner programs as we work towards releasing Bloom for more public use.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please email us at: partner [at]

Platform Updates 🚀

  1. Program Managers can remove people from existing assignments on a Program Growth Dashboard (the task on their taskboard will be archived)
  2. A Program Manager can see pending invitations for people to join a program, and can cancel or resend the invitations.
  3. A Program Manager can multi-select teams in a program (or “select all teams”), and can either move the teams to another program, or copy the emails of selected teams (to easily paste into your email program to send them an email)