Platform Updates 🚀

Our mission at Bloom is to make values-driven skills development, organizational development, and entrepreneurship support universal.

The Bloom Platform helps us achieve that by helping:

  1. People reflect on their skills and character strengths, identify their priority areas for personal development, and grow in those areas;
  2. Organizations reflect on their current status, identify their priority areas for development, and improve in those areas;
  3. Programs provide more effective support to both the people and organizations mentioned above by leveraging our assessments, Library of Activities (including access to books, online resources, and Bloom’s specialized training modules), learning and engagement analytics, and more, to enable high quality learning experiences that leverage the best of both cohort-based learning and personalized learning.

Our Bloom platform is currently in private beta use in our own programs and with partners, and is undergoing active development. We are onboarding additional partner programs, and we anticipate releasing Bloom for public use in the coming months.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please email us at: partner [at]

Here’s a quick overview of some key features of the Bloom Platform: