Product Manager


Who we are 

Bloom is a non-governmental initiative where the team comes from diverse communities and backgrounds, creating a community with strong ties. Bloom was founded in 2018, while being affiliated with a team that has been running entrepreneurship programs since 2008, and is currently running 5 programs supporting startups and accelerators across the Middle East & Africa, has more than 50 partners, and is growing. Bloom programs to help individuals, businesses, and accelerators create jobs and grow, while building a new training methodology and software to support startups, small and medium businesses, and entrepreneurship support programs. Many issues, including education, health, telecoms, financial inclusion, migration, sanitation, food/agriculture, conflict/crisis response, and more, are being handled throughout specific programs. 



We are searching for experienced and enthusiastic people to join Bloom’s team. We are a team that knows no borders,  believes in remote work, and collaborates with the best people worldwide, wherever they are. We value each team member’s personal growth and ambitions, just as they support the growth and ambitions of our organization.  We see ourselves as a family, help and look after each other; we are interested in someone who can add their positive vibes to the team! Please see our mission, vision, and values on our About page, and how we’re building a culture built on respect, fun, kindness, impact, and more, and if you’re as excited about those as we are, then we look forward to connecting with you about possibly joining the team!


Roles & Responsibilities 

  1. Develop improved documentation for the product vision, strategy, roadmap, and positioning within the market, including how the product solution is addressing different needs and gaps in the market
  2. Write detailed product specifications based on understanding of customer, business needs, and market research 
  3. Suggest product enhancements to continuously improve user experience 
  4. Monitor and report on user reactions after launching, and ensure that product enhancements are addressing customer needs and expectations
  5. Perform quality assurance controls on products
  6. Prioritize the implementation of new features and set specific timelines and roadmaps to present to management
  7. Liaise with the Marketing department to ensure proper advertisement and positioning of new features and products
  8. Create support and training documents for internal and external users
  9. Develop the business case for new products, improvements to existing products, and business ventures



  1. Minimum of 3 years of working experience as a Product Manager or Product Owner 
  2. Can transform user needs, business requirements, and goals into an effective product roadmap and product stories
  3. Can effectively communicate with UX/UI team, devs, program managers, and users 
  4. Can determine the vision and report on important metrics for your target user segment
  5. Experience using Agile development methodologies 
  6. English fluency
  7. Experience managing the entire product lifecycle
  8. Experience with data analysis a plus
  9. Familiarity with market research, consumers behavior and marketing techniques
  10. Experience with project management and analytics tools, like Jira, Confluence, Notion, Mix panel, Segment, Adjust, or Instabug
  11. Experience with UX/UI design tools, including a preference for experience with Figma
  12. Strong time management skills


Interested? Excited? Please fill out the form below to start the process and we’ll get back to you soon.