HerMeNow Atolye Event Recap: Fostering Collaboration and Impact for Women-Led Social Enterprises

HerMeNow 2024 Atolye Event - Bloom EMEA 7 HerMeNow - Accelerator Program

HerMeNow Atolye Event Recap

Fostering Collaboration and Impact for Women-Led Social Enterprises

The HerMeNow Atolye Event in Dubai was a resounding success, uniting passionate changemakers in the pursuit of sustainability, gender equality (SDG 5), and women's leadership in social impact. This dynamic event created a platform for growth, fostered collaboration, and attracted much-needed support for women-led enterprises.

Team Spotlights: The Heart of the Event

At the core of the event were presentations from the inspiring teams participating in the HerMeNow Accelerator 2023 program. These presentations illuminated the diverse challenges they're tackling and their innovative solutions:

  1. Belta Waste Paper Recyclers (Tanzania): Transforming waste into eco-friendly products.
  2. Caryle Enterprises (Kenya): Promoting menstrual equity with reusable sanitary pads.
  3. Echeveria (Lebanon): Sustainable celebrations with living succulent arrangements.
  4. Fish Box (Kenya): Optimizing fish farming with precision feeding technology.
  5. Hazel Farms (Egypt): Connecting people with nature through agritainment experiences.
  6. Khwezi Innovations (South Africa): Biodegradable, sanitizing gloves as an eco-friendly alternative.
  7. Ndogo Farms (Kenya): Urban farming solutions with grow bags and hydroponics.
  8. The Kind Market (UAE): Curated marketplace for ethical and sustainable brands.
  9. YNA Kenya: Electric motorcycle delivery services empowering women riders.

Beyond Presentations: Growth, Ideation, and Celebration

The HerMeNow Atolye Event provided a platform for much more than introductions:

  • Breakout Sessions: Attendees dove into focused discussions to help teams explore growth opportunities, connect with mentors, and overcome challenges.
  • SDG5 Brainstorming: Participants tackled the need for systemic changes to achieve SDG 5 targets, with a focus on women's leadership and empowerment.
  • Networking and Celebration: The event fostered valuable connections, laying the groundwork for future partnerships among startups, funders, donors, and ecosystem stakeholders.

Key Takeaways

  • Community is Key: A supportive ecosystem is essential for women-led social enterprises to thrive.
  • Collaboration Drives Impact: Cross-sector partnerships amplify positive change and scale solutions.
  • Actionable Outcomes: The event spurred tangible action plans, mentorship commitments, and potential funding leads.

Final Thoughts: A Call to Action for Change

The HerMeNow Atolye event served as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of collaboration. By bringing together women-led social enterprises, funders, and changemakers, the event ignited a collective spark for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

The impact of these green social enterprises extends far beyond the solutions they provide. They further support women to become leaders in social change, tackle environmental challenges with innovative solutions, and pave the way for a more equitable tomorrow.

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