Women Entrepreneurs Ignite Dubai: Inside the HerMeNow Retreat

Women Entrepreneurs Ignite Dubai: Inside the HerMeNow 2024 Retreat

HerMeNow 2024 Retreat Image - Group Photo


The HerMeNow Accelerator Program is about celebrating & supporting women-led enterprises that strive for positive social and environmental change. Recently, we hit a fantastic milestone: we selected ten exceptional startups to receive the technical, financial, and mentorship support they need to scale their businesses.

A Dubai Retreat to Boost Growth

After months of online training designed to prepare these businesses for the next level, the highlight of the program was our in-person Dubai retreat. After connecting virtually, it was incredible to finally meet our founders face-to-face! Over five intensive days, we immersed them in workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities – everything to equip them for sustainable entrepreneurial growth.

The Highlights

  • Technical Deep Dives: Our design experts led sessions on branding, logos, communication, and website design. These elements are crucial for presenting a compelling and impactful message.
  • Building Powerful Networks: Andre Abi Awad's workshop focused on the importance of meaningful relationships in the business world. A strong support network is essential for any entrepreneur.
  • Creating Space for Impact: Our partnership with Atolye provided a dedicated event for our startups to showcase their projects, pitch their ideas, and lead important discussions on achieving Gender Equality.
  • The Inspiration of STEP Conference: Access to this major conference gave our teams the chance to network with investors, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs, plus attend enriching talks and panels.

Time for Self-Reflection

The retreat also gave the founders a chance to reflect on their HerMeNow journeys. We recorded interviews where they shared their experiences and insights, offering valuable wisdom to future women entrepreneurs.

The Takeaway

This Dubai retreat was an inspiring and action-oriented culmination of a program dedicated to women-led ventures. The HerMeNow Accelerator proves that women aren't waiting to be empowered – they already have the power to build businesses that change the world, and we're here to help them amplify their impact.

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