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Welcome to Investor Mixers, a unique platform where ambitious startup founders and keen investors intersect. Brought to you by Bloom, our goal is to provide a bridge between innovative startup ideas and the investors who can help them reach new heights. If you're a startup seeking funding or an investor scouting for your next venture, our Investor Mixers events are the ideal arena for you.

Investor Mixers Events

Investor Mixers proudly hosts four exclusive networking events each year in August, September, November, and December. Each Investor Mixer event presents a diverse array of startups from various regions, offering a wide spectrum of investment opportunities. Our attendees comprise Bloom's team, representatives from SPARK and partners, dynamic startup founders, industry-savvy investors, strategic scouts, dedicated program managers, and distinguished speakers.

We aim to maintain a balanced ratio of three investors per 10 startups at each event, accommodating a diverse range of investment scopes. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a fledgling startup, Investor Mixers offer an inclusive platform to explore potential collaborations and growth opportunities.


Our events run for approximately two hours, with a clear and organized agenda designed to make the most of this networking opportunity:

Registration and Networking

Begin your experience with an interactive networking session where participants can connect and engage. Meanwhile, startup founders can utilize breakout rooms for rehearsing their pitches, ensuring they’re ready to impress our panel of investors.

Welcome and Introductions

Our team from Bloom will provide a warm welcome, intr​​oducing the purpose of the event, an overview of the agenda, and a brief introduction of participants. This section also includes a quick 2-3 minute introduction from each member of the investment panel, laying the groundwork for the discussions to follow.

Speaker Panel and Q&As

In this segment, we host a moderated panel discussion with distinguished guests, who may either be investors or industry experts. Each guest is asked 2-3 questions, sparking engaging discussions around investment, startup growth, and more. The session is designed to limit the number of guests to 3, ideally 2, ensuring each has ample time to share their insights. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions, enriching their understanding of the investment landscape.

Startup Pitch Sessions

This is the spotlight moment for startups! Each startup is allocated a 5-minute slot - 3 minutes for pitching their business idea and 2 minutes for a Q&A round. This format keeps the session dynamic while allowing investors to clarify any points or ask further questions about the pitch. If time permits, a short break or buffer period is planned after the pitches.

Open Networking and Wrap Up

As we conclude the formal activities, we open the floor once more for networking. Attendees are encouraged to use breakout rooms to continue discussions, facilitating deeper connections and potential collaborations. This is an opportunity to exchange contact information, set up meetings, or simply engage in casual conversations about the industry.

Investor Mixers Registration

Whether you're a startup seeking investment or an investor looking for the next big thing, our Investor Mixers provide the ideal platform to connect, network, and explore opportunities. Join our events today and step into a world where innovative startups meet potent investors!





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