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Investment Workshop for Startups

Assess, Understand, and Prepare for Funding

About the Workshop

Are you a passionate entrepreneur making a difference but feel overwhelmed by the idea of seeking investment? The Investment Readiness Workshop is tailored to empower impact-driven entrepreneurs like you with the tools and insights needed to navigate the funding and investment waters with confidence.

Join us for a comprehensive journey through the essentials of investment preparedness, impact investment understanding, and the intricacies of initiating a funding round.

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Investment Readiness Workshop

Join us for our 2-day Investment Readiness Workshop, designed for impact-driven startups looking to secure investment. This workshop aims to empower participants with crucial knowledge and skills for attracting investment, understanding the investment landscape, and mastering the art of pitching.

Who Should Attend

Social entrepreneurs and early-stage startups exploring investment options.

Startups preparing to pitch to investors or accelerator programs.

Those seeking to understand the funding and investment landscape.

Workshop Overview

Day 1: Investment Readiness Seminar

Topics include investment readiness, understanding the impact investment landscape, and developing a winning pitch.

Covered Topics During the Seminar (Day 1)

Investor Readiness Explained: Preparing your business to meet investor expectations.

Investment Assessment: Evaluating if your business is ready for investment.

Investor Perspective: Adopting an investor's viewpoint to understand their expectations.

Investment Readiness Components:

  • Articulating your value proposition clearly.
  • Exploring different funding options: sales, crowdfunding, grants, loans, etc.
  • Navigating the impact investing landscape.
  • Alternative Funding: Considering various funding sources beyond traditional investment.

Choosing the Right Investors: Ensuring alignment in values and vision, researching their portfolio and track record.

Success Stories: Learning from businesses that have successfully secured investment.

Timing for Investment: Identifying the right moment to seek investment.

Networking and Communication Tips: Mastering public speaking, networking, and relationship building for business growth.

Day 2: Startup Showcase: Pitch & Connect

Practice pitching to potential investors, receive constructive feedback, and network with seasoned experts and mentors.

Ahmed Fadl Program Manager at Village Capital

Facilitated by Ahmed Fadl,

Program Manager at Village Capital

Seminar Facilitator

Ahmed Fadl Program Manager at Village Capital

Ahmed Fadl is the facilitator of this workshop.

Ahmed is currently serving as a Program Manager at Village Capital, directs his efforts toward comprehending the business and financial structures of impact-driven ventures. His primary goal is to support their growth and expansion through global acceleration programs. Notably, he played a pivotal role in managing the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, providing assistance to 200 global startups. Alongside this, Ahmed collaborates with startups and Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs) in the MENA region.

Furthermore, he holds the position of Economic Development Advisor to the Ministry of Social Solidarity, contributing to the design and execution of national economic empowerment initiatives aimed at underserved sectors and communities in Egypt, boasting assets under management valued at 1.57 billion EGP.

Ahmed is presently pursuing a master's degree in Sustainable Development with a focus on entrepreneurship at the American University in Cairo. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his past role as a co-founder of ElGameya, a Fintech startup in Egypt specializing in peer-to-peer lending solutions.

Workshop Details


December 18 & 20, 2023


4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EET)


Join us virtually via Zoom


Two Hours

What to Expect?

Assessment Tools

Learn to gauge your venture's investment readiness level.

Impact Investment

Decode the landscape of impact investing and its relevance to your startup.

Pitch Preparation

Techniques to craft compelling narratives for your funding round.

Interactive Activities

Hands-on exercises to apply learning in real-world scenarios.

Expert Guidance

Session led by Munir, a seasoned facilitator with deep industry experience.

Network Opportunity

Connect with fellow impact-driven entrepreneurs.

Spots are limited, and the clock is ticking!


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