EON Open House: Uncover Entrepreneurship Opportunities Network Secrets!

EON Open House: Fuel Your Entrepreneurial Fire!

Are you an entrepreneur thirsty for inspiration? Looking to navigate the complexities of the startup world? Buckle up as we take you on a roller coaster ride through our recent Open House sessions, featuring experts from diverse entrepreneurial domains. Let’s take a look at the key highlights, but trust us, there’s so much more in the full sessions!

Session 1: Discover the Entrepreneurship Opportunities Network (EON) Program

Ever wondered about the secrets of successful social enterprises? Our first open house explored the EON program – a platform dedicated to uplifting early-stage social enterprises in Lebanon.

As part of the From Innovation to Creation project funded by the European Union in collaboration with Bloom and SPARK, EON offers the Accelerator and Mentorship tracks, each tailored to foster growth, financial resilience, and internationalization.

From a $4000 grant to mentorship, training, and access to Bloom’s resources, the benefits are profound. However, the real magic lies in the interactive breakout sessions, where entrepreneurs share experiences, insights, and mutual support. Our promise? By the end of the session, you’ll see why joining Entrepreneurship Opportunities Network (EON) is just the beginning of an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey.

Session 2: Why Entrepreneurs Need to Prioritize Their Wellbeing

How often do we talk about the emotional toll of entrepreneurship? Not enough. In our second Open House, we embraced the subject of entrepreneur wellbeing, with Nihal Ahmed at the helm.

Nihal, a wellbeing expert and founder of Limitless, dove deep into stress management, burnout prevention, and the crucial role of rest and relaxation for entrepreneurs. Intriguing, right? He also prompts us to redefine success, urging us to separate societal standards from personal ones. Watching this session might just give you the motivation and tools to balance success and sanity in your entrepreneurial journey.

Session 3: Finding Your Purpose in Social Entrepreneurship

In our third session, social entrepreneur Roula Haidar from L’artisan du Liban unraveled the intriguing connection between purpose and success in entrepreneurship. Imagine knowing your work helped someone send their child to college. How beautiful and motivating would that be?

Roula suggests keeping one foot in the field and another in administration, a balance that ensures you’re truly connected to those you serve. This session is a powerful reminder that businesses can thrive when purpose and entrepreneurship intertwine.

Session 4: Deep Dive Into Values and Why They Matter for Entrepreneurs

Finally, our fourth session offered a deep dive into values with Pascal, co-founder of Ikigai Lab. Pascal ignited a conversation about the conditions that help us function at our best, putting the spotlight on ‘What do you love?’ as a crucial component of the Ikigai concept.

Pascal urges us to move toward our values, like gratitude and enthusiasm, rather than away from our fears. This session nudges you to reevaluate your personal values and their role in shaping your entrepreneurial journey.

Intrigued? Excited? We thought you might be. These summaries are just a drop in the ocean of entrepreneurial wisdom that the full Open House sessions offer. So, go ahead, quench your entrepreneurial thirst, and let’s walk together on this path of exploration, growth, and impact. Remember, it’s not just about building successful businesses; it’s about building fulfilled lives. 

The EON program is an exceptional platform designed to support and elevate your entrepreneurial journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – sign up before May 22nd, and be part of a network that truly champions entrepreneurship in all its forms. It’s not too late to apply so let’s shape the future together, starting now!