ACSI2 - Application Analytics

Welcome to the Asfari Challenge for Social Innovation (ACSI2) Analytics page. This section provides a succinct overview of our application cycle's data, concluded on October 27, 2022. Here, you'll find key insights and statistics that illustrate the diversity and enthusiasm of our applicants, a testament to the growing interest in social innovation.

We offer a snapshot of critical metrics such as the number of applications received, geographic distribution of participants, and a brief on the demographic diversity encompassing age and gender. This information not only highlights the reach and impact of the ACSI2 program but also sheds light on the trends and patterns emerging in the field of social innovation.

Our analytics are designed to give a clear, yet comprehensive, view of the applicant pool and their engagement throughout the application process. This information is crucial for understanding the landscape of social entrepreneurship and for shaping the future of the ACSI2 program.

To delve into more detailed analytics and gain a complete picture of our findings, we encourage you to review our full report below. It offers an in-depth look at the data, providing a richer context and understanding of the current state of social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Application Overview

0 Step 1 Applicants
0 Step 2 Applicants
0 Eligible Applicants

Team Size Distribution

0 Single-member teams
0 Teams with 2-10 members
0 Teams with 10+ members

Applicants by Age and Gender

Geographical Participant Distribution

The figures and highlights presented here are just a glimpse into the breadth of data we've gathered and analyzed. To gain a fuller understanding of our extensive findings and to uncover the depth of insights we've collected, we invite you to check out our complete slide deck. It's designed to provide you with a comprehensive look at the trends, patterns, and narratives that have emerged from our analytics.

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