Hi I’m Noor, an entrepreneurship program manager.

I’m responsible for supporting dozens of teams, but I feel like I’m not giving them the support they need. I need a way to provide them with tailored support, but I don’t know how. 

Hi, I’m Alex, an entrepreneur. 

I’m excited to grow my business, but I don’t know what I and my team should prioritize.

I need help with business planning and execution, and I know I also need to work on improving my personal skills, character strengths, and healthy habits for growth.

We both finally found what we’ve been looking for in Bloom.  

Bloom offers a variety of features to help entrepreneurs succeed, like guided assessments to help people reflect and identify their priorities for growth. 

A library of resources on topics for both personal and team growth.

And a forum where entrepreneurs can connect with each other and share advice.

Bloom also helps program managers with a simple dashboard that helps them understand the needs of the people and teams in their programs and provide them with tailored support.

Bloom also helps program managers track their progress and adapt program activities in real time.  

If you’re an entrepreneur or a program manager, then Bloom is the platform for you.

Contact us today to boost the impact of your program or enterprise.