The Bloom Platform

The Bloom platform makes it easier to run adaptive entrepreneurship & project-based learning programs that respond to the needs of the individuals and organizations in a classroom or program, leveraging AI and human connections with peers, mentors and trainers to support impact at any scale. The Bloom platform helps people and teams: 



Reflect on their needs and set priorities

Take assessments in both Team & Individual growth areas, review results in a facilitated process with peers, mentors, and trainers, and set their own priorities for learning and growth. 



Access suggested growth activities

Individuals and teams can directly access suggested activities in their priority areas in Bloom’s “Library of Activities”; 

Program Managers also see team results & priorities to adapt the program to the needs of the participants. 

We leverage AI linked to our Bloom methods to help both teams and PMs identify activity suggestions adjusted to the needs and interests of each person, team and cohort. 


We’re continuously  improving the resources in Bloom’s Library of Activities in collaboration with partners and trainers to improve the materials that are accessible to all users and training partners. 



Monitor progress and adjust support as needed

Program managers and teams monitor progress and can make revised suggestions to help teams optimize and improve as they go. 



Engage with a supportive community 

Engage with a positive and supportive community before, during, and after programs, to give and receive support, find collaborators, get opportunities and more. 




Running personalized programs at any scale

Bloom’s platform and program design gives participants a personalized experience, whether they’re in a small or large cohort. Additionally, Bloom’s clustering process makes it easier for program managers to identify shared needs within a larger cohort to have tailored breakout groups that adapt to the needs of the participants.