Plastc Lab

Plastc Lab is trying to make the economy more circular, by collecting plastic waste, sorting it, shredding it, and producing new items made from recycled plastic.


We produce organic liquid fertilizers suitable for all kinds of irrigation systems and crops. Through our production line at Britel, In Lebanon. We ask people to sort from the source the organic waste and we collect them and convert them to fertilizer.

CubeX S.A.L. (Decantra Project)

CubeX SAL is a Lebanese social enterprise founded in 2018, specialized in resource-oriented bio-waste management. We design and deliver wastewater treatment solutions all while providing consultancy services and raising awareness on the importance of wise water usage. Our line of services covers but is not limited to households, municipalities, vulnerable communities, agro-industrialists and more.


While essential for the country’s city life, Hadeer provides its high standard cleanliness to you as a safe and comfortable transportation experience and platform. From routes and maps to friendly sign ups and bookings, Hadeer and its community stand out.