Fly Foot is reimagining the way we watch football.


ÝAKIN, is an ethical mission redefining the know-how of design. After intense experimentations, the leading feminine duo, creates an ecological and economically sustainable product chain designed in a smart and flat-packed technique; aiming at improving quality and aesthetic, orienting people to a more sustainable living while striving to make their designs accessible to more people by a REVOLUTIONARY experience.


Pharmaklik is a platform that connects pharmacies to suppliers & makes the operation time-efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly.


AQUAVITA is committed to providing water treatment systems, technical support, and consultation services of the world’s best quality to our customers, and guarantees satisfaction through continuous innovation, product support and development. We strive to provide effective, professionally-developed custom solutions, designed and tailored to our clients’ needs; all while maintaining affordability and efficiency.


Fuliver helps eCommerce stores scale internationally. It centralizes and automates all logistics and supply chain operations on one platform.