VUMOGO is a Revolutionary Platform for the next generation of female driving instructors and learners!


African uniqueness and creativity.
A social enterprise dealing in fashion as an avenue of creating employment for formerly imprisoned women.

Hopewell Firm

We are an accredited mental health organization that provides counseling and other mental health services to individuals, businesses, groups, students and community members both online and in person.


Kuja specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of cost-effective Eco-friendly sanitary pads for women and girls in low-income communities in Cameroon.


Creative Education Company. Our Board Games & Learning Tools develop Success Skills in Children 0-18

knock knock

Knock knock is a device that helps people with hearing loss be alerted when important sounds occur.

NAWAT Health

A Female Digital Platform, that aims to enhance the Sexual and Reproductive health of Women of reproductive age in and from the MENA region.

Sanabel’s team

I came up with the idea of the application and prepared a plan for creating an educational mobile application on the effect of story telling and stories on children’s behavior and a plan for the launching of the application.

Smart Sensory

We strive to become globally recognized and the market leader in East Africa through carefully selected, unique products and multi-sensory equipment supplies, professional bespoke design, and an Installed multi-sensory environment with our own hand-made bespoke sensory soft play equipment along with excellent customer service. We continue to meet the need of individuals, therapists, institutions, and organizations.

WingWoman Lebanon

Through the production and sale of reusable period products we provide employment for women whilst simultaneously reducing period poverty