Potion Kitchen

We are a feel-good brand aiming to break the exclusivity of plant-based cosmetics by offering the millennials of the MEA region Clean Cost-friendly products that are rooted in science and that respect environment.
Our line is made out of 30 SKUs divided in 6 main categories: Face, Body, Lip, Men, Hair and Nails & Aromatherapy

Our face collection includes plant based serums made with Moringa and Rosehip that are loaded with vitamins. Our face food clay masks are made with superfoods as Matcha, Moringa and Spirulina. Also lip products are made with flavors such as chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla
The Body collection has scrubs, rich butters, and body moisturizers. And our essential oils are 100% pure.

In our atelier in the south of Lebanon, we manufacture the final products and we also extract some plant hydrosols & essential oils. We look forward to team up with local farmers to widen the range of locally sourced ingredients.