Stretch for Health & Happiness

Stretch for Health & Happiness

Stretching regularly can be a big big help for many of us to reduce discomfort related to work and life, whether during quarantine or otherwise. We’re not doctors and this isn’t medical advice (if you have concerns about pain, please talk to a doctor), but here are some tips and resources we dug up from various sources.

1. 8 simple office stretches recommended by the renowned Mayo Clinic.

2. A few simple stretches you can try to build into your day, a few times a day:

(We couldn’t find the source for this. If you do, please let us know.)

If you need reminders to take a break, add one to your computer or phone. One of our favorites is TimeOut by Dejal.

If you’re interested in some research and resources on the matter, check out this from the UK Government: “Exercises to reduce musculoskeletal discomfort for people doing a range of static and repetitive work” (PDF)

Have other tips or suggestions? Please share!