Our Services 

We run programs and build tools to help people, teams, and organizations grow, thrive, and increase their impact. Our programs focus on developing essential personal and team skills that correlate with individual and team success, including: 

  • Open Workshops 
  • Accelerator Management & Support
  • Supporting corporate innovation, wellbeing & growth 
  • Working with educational institutions including universities, schools and others 
  • Social impact focused work including around SDGs, job creation, upskilling, and NGO capacity building 

We run programs that are online, hybrid, or offline, and adapted to the needs of different partners and participants. And we really love both online and offline components, and we make them fun, dynamic, participatory, and transformative experiences whether physically in person or online. 

See more details below, or contact us to discuss further. 



Open Workshops

Bloom hosts regular workshops and events to provide entrepreneurs and others with knowledge, skills, and support to help them thrive.

  • Business and team growth topics around business planning, strategy and prioritization, developing team culture and habits, supporting wellbeing within the organization, and more.
  • Individual growth topics around skills development, values, character strengths, wellbeing, and more. 

Bloom workshops are fun, dynamic, participatory, and impactful. Learn from and connect with other entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and others, and get practical applied exercises to help you learn and apply new practices to help you and your team grow. 



Accelerator Management & Support

Leverage Bloom’s expertise in running adaptive data-driven programs to support your accelerator or collective of accelerators. We can fully run the program, or provide technical back-end support to help guide your accelerator design, implementation, or evaluation stages. 

  • Adaptive: Run accelerator programs that adapt to the needs of each team and individual, thereby making them more impactful.
  • Implementation: Provide ongoing support to accelerators to ensure that programs are successful.
  • Evaluation: Assess the impact of accelerator programs to improve future offerings.
  • At scale: We can support one or dozens of accelerators or cycles to help boost impact at any scale, building in efficiencies and lessons-learned across programs, with aligned data to show impact at any level. 



Corporate Support

Bloom partners with corporations to provide employees with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful entrepreneurs.

  • Corporate accelerators: We can help you run accelerator programs that engage the broader innovation community to help boost your company’s products, services, or value-chain.
  • Intrapreneurship programs: Boost engagement and build a culture of innovation, lifelong learning, and dynamism through supporting employees who want to bring new ideas to your organization.
  • Learning & development programs: Provide employees with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the innovation economy.




We can help your university, school, or training organization offer exciting programs to build skills that are valuable for entrepreneurs, employment, and life! You can leverage Bloom’s certificates or we can develop custom ones for your institution.  

  • Courses: Can cover the range of enterprise and individual growth topics that we cover at Bloom, or we can co-create content specific to your needs and institution. 
  • Programs for teachers and learners: We can run programs to help.
  • Online, offline and hybrid: Convenient options to help fit the needs of different institutions and participants, and boost impact while making programs more inclusive. 



Social Innovation

Bloom partners with donor organizations, social entrepreneurs and non-profit / non-governmental organizations (NPOs / NGOs) to boost their impact and build towards a more positive, sustainable, inclusive world.

  • Support social entrepreneurs: Provide funding, mentorship, and other resources to help social entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses.
  • Support for NGOs: We run capacity building and “NGO accelerators” to guide organizations towards boosting their capacities, innovation, and impact.
  • Donor organizations: We work with donor organizations, founders, family offices, and ESG/CSR offices to boost our collective impact around critical challenges. 
  • Ecosystem support: We’re working on ecosystem initiatives such as aligning around data standards, collaborative content initiatives, mapping and ToT initiatives, and others to boost our collective impact. Change happens at the ecosystem level, so let’s see how we can boost our impact together! 



Do you have questions? Ideas? Want to reach out to discuss your project? Please contact us at partner (at) bloom.pm.