We’ve partnered with Nucleus Ventures!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Nucleus Ventures

Nucleus Ventures, formerly known as the UK Lebanon Tech Hub, runs startup and technology bootcamps – both standalone and for government, academic and corporate partners. Since its relaunch in July 2020, Nucleus Ventures is implementing The Nucleus (the flagship program), LAU Innovate, Energy Innovation Hub, and Workforce Lebanon (Technology Bootcamp).

“I’ve known the Nucleus team for many years and I’m excited to be collaborating with them to support enterprise growth in Lebanon, and to see how we can collectively build momentum towards stronger business support in the country and helping more companies adapt and grow during these tumultuous times,” says David Munir Nabti, GM of Bloom.

The co-run partner accelerator will select applicants from the Nucleus Ventures portfolio in early September for a 12-week program that will run from October to December 2021. Participants in the three-month program will receive funding, hands-on mentorship from the Bloom and Nucleus Ventures networks, access to curated workshops and resources.

“Thanks to Bloom’s support, The Nucleus can continue helping Lebanese founders to build scalable businesses that can grow internationally and create jobs locally,” says Nucleus Ventures Managing Partner, Nadim Zaazaa.

The Lebanon Growth Accelerators Program is an initiative of Bloom to help boost enterprises and the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lebanon. It aims to create employment through enterprise accelerator programs run by Bloom and partner accelerators, enhancing ecosystem collaboration, developing shared training resources, and improving ecosystem capacities. The goal is to improve short-term and long-term opportunities for Lebanese and refugees, focusing on vulnerable and marginalized communities. The next LGA accelerator cycle will be run in collaboration with The Nucleus Ventures. 

We’re more than thrilled to be joining forces to help boost Lebanon’s entrepreneurship ecosystem by providing accelerators with tools, training, financial support, and more! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the partner accelerator program, click here.