Meet Our Final 10 Accelerator Teams!

We’re more than excited to introduce the 10 amazing teams that made it past the Sprint phase into the LGA accelerator!
We will help them grow their business through a four-month program driven by our project-based learning methodology and world-class support. Networking, mentorship, funds, and access to our Bloom platform are on the menu! 

Before we start, if you’d like to know more about the selection criteria, or anything about the Sprint, click here
Now, onto the selected teams! 

Congrats to:
IO Tree Solutions

L’Artisan du Liban
Niman (MezzMix)
Potion Kitchen
Rush & Reez

Agonist is the first coffee shop in the MENA with 100% employees that have Down syndrome. They offer a wide selection of coffee, tea, beverages, cold and hot drinks, milkshakes and cocktails in addition to a rich selection of desserts and cold food including salads and cold sandwiches.
Social impact and responsibility are the core value of their identity as their concept relies on the engagement, empowerment, and development of Down syndrome employees. 
More than 15 PWDs have joined Agonist’s family since 2018 as full-timers and have achieved their goals through trainings and professional assistance.

Barrïa specializes in cultivating and marketing indigenous aromatic and medicinal plants and in apiculture, thus preserving biodiversity.
They have different lines of products, from herbs to beehive products, and a range of indigenous herbal teas for infusion. 
Their products are natural and ethically processed, the quality is assured and monitored by professionals in the field, they focus on preserving the environment and ecosystem, and they support community development.

Bíldìts is a construction kit that enables kids to build their own house, using real miniature materials and following the real construction process: designing the house, mixing and pouring cement, building masonry walls and finally painting and finishing the house. 
Their impact lies in their educational benefits. They also started organizing workshops in public schools, and will continue to do so. Their mission is to revolutionize the educational system. Their kits are eye-openers for students, teachers and schools when it comes to hands-on learning. 

Chato Jewels is a silver jewelry brand that aims to design and handcraft the funkiest and trendiest designs in the market, and making sure their designs are rash and allergy-free. Chato also works as a social enterprise and focuses on hiring marginalized women focusing on hiring divorced single moms.

eFlow is focused on developing and delivering custom education technology solutions for schools and learners worldwide. eFlow was deployed and successfully implemented to serve students in underprivileged communities in Lebanon, including Syrian and Palestinian refugees. 
eFlow enables interactive remote learning for youth and adults around the world with 3 main offerings: content adaptation and digitization services, custom learning management solutions (especially for solving specific challenges like low digital capacity or weak internet connections), and the eFlow instant-messaging enabled learning platform.

IO Tree Solutions is a wireless network of smart devices developed using a deep learning algorithm and machine vision designed for the early detection, classification, and counting of different types of harmful pests. Farmers can benefit from the IOTree app by receiving real-time reports and updates on the best agricultural practices to deal with pest invasions. Using IOTree, the farmers will improve 30% the quality of the harvest. 
IoTree helps farmers in rural areas and marginalized communities by increasing their income and reviving the agriculture sector, in order to avoid them quitting farming or moving to new areas to look for jobs.

L’Artisan du Liban works for the social and economic development of local artisans covering all the value chain nods. They do so by providing sustainable solutions that help support artistry, delivering on job trainings in handicrafts, designing innovative contemporized products, developing methods and tools, giving artisans the chance to sell their products, and preserving the cultural tradition of crafts. ADL works in different families of crafts, to create a variety of products, from homeware to accessories, fashion, and jewelry. 

Niman (MezzMix) is offering the true Lebanese garlic dip in a more practical and hygienic package: a squeezable bottle, with a longer shelf-life. Their garlic dip is free from mayonnaise, eggs and dairy products. It is gentler on the stomach and it comes in different flavors. That way, people can consume more garlic without having to think twice!

Potion Kitchen is a clean beauty brand committed to create conscious & affordable products to help people feel good in their skin. Potion Kitchen a feel-good brand aiming to break the exclusivity of plant-based cosmetics by offering the millennials of the MENA region clean cost-friendly products that are rooted in science and that respect environment.
In their atelier in the south of Lebanon, they manufacture the final products and also extract some plant hydrosols and essential oils. They’re looking to team up with local farmers to widen the range of locally sourced ingredients. They are looking to build a business that embraces sustainability, mental health and inclusivity in its core values.

Rush & Reez creates highly ethical, sustainable and modest fashion solutions for the women who refuse to compromise style, comfort, or culture. All of their designs are produced in Lebanon, providing a steady income to many in the manufacturing process. Their packaging is 100% recycled, and their cotton is currently being sourced from organic material. Their items are made to last for years and not just a season like fast fashion purchases.

Congratulations! Well deserved. We can’t wait to watch you grow. 🌻