Meet Our Final 10 Accelerator Teams!

We’re so excited to introduce the 10 amazing teams that made it past the Sprint phase into the LGA accelerator Cycle 2!
We will help them grow their business through a four-month program driven by our project-based learning methodology and world-class support. Networking, mentorship, funds, and access to our Bloom platform are on the menu! 

Before we start, if you’d like to know more about the selection criteria, or anything about the Sprint, click here
Now, onto the selected teams! 

Congrats to:
Dooda Solutions
Find A Nurse
Green Track
Le Joyau d’Olive
Little Melly
Nerdy Coach / Raw Fitness
OODA / PQ Project

Dooda Solutions offers the ultimate sustainable solution for an odorless, nutrient-rich, and sterile organic compost for all your plants, crops, and trees.
Trying to create a huge positive impact on the environment but you don’t know from where to start? It’s Vermicompost and Earthworms! Vermicompost is known to be the sustainable solution for restoring soil ecosystem, reducing soil erosion, and increasing plant resistance to climate change. It also increases plant immunity to pests meaning less pesticide application and improved human health. Besides, it reduces soil and water pollution by binding nitrogen in the soil. Want to create an impact? Join Dooda!

Find A Nurse is an online platform set out to become the easiest and most reliable way to find, hire, and manage nurses, nannies, and trusted caregivers.
Their online platform allows users to browse nearby caregivers’ profiles, filter and sort them based on proximity and fees, and check their photos, availability, qualifications, locations, and biographies.

Green Track is a social enterprise, offering both a service and a product, forming an overall solution to fix the neglected waste management process in Lebanon.
Their operations aim to remove the harmful waste that pervades the streets of Lebanon, notably economically marginalized areas. 

Hadiyati is an online gifting service, where you can create your wishlist for any event, add to it the items you would like to receive, share it with your familiy and friends who can either purchase your gifts or simply contribute money with the amount of their choice. You can also use to offer one common valuable gift (for example, for Teachers’ Day or Mother’s Day). Most importantly, you can use their group contribution service to collect funds for a common social or humanitarian cause.

Le Joyau d’Olive revives the ancestral craft of soapmaking by supporting artisans and exposing them to international markets.
Based in Lebanon, Le Joyau d’Olive is committed to helping small artisans whose ancestral techniques are disappearing over time. Over the past few years, they have taken part in growing awareness around natural cosmetics.

Little Melly‘s aim is to raise a well-nourished generation by creating baby food that’s worthy of your baby: freshly-made and additive-free.
Little Melly’s business model makes healthy food accessible, even to the busiest of parents. With their subscription model, fresh baby and toddler food is delivered to homes on a regular basis. Moreover, every month they send out around 700 portions of baby food to NGOs who then distribute them to babies and families in need. Their mission helps raise better generations. Their food menus are curated by dietitians and encompass a wide variety of both Lebanese and international recipes, allowing babies to develop a wide acceptance of food.

Mellow is a feel-good brand that creates handmade products, locally produced by a group of women, dedicated to filling the world with colors and happy comfortable creations.
Their products are handcrafted by passionate designers and artisans. Mellow also caters to all kinds of events with trendsetting ideas for gifts and giveaways. Together with their customers, they co-create products that are useful and practical to their everyday life.

Nerdy Coach offers the clearest and best guided workout app in the MENA region, using a smart algorithm to create a personalized workout with very specific goals.
They help their users achieve their fitness goals by creating a custom workout adaptive to each person’s performance. Plus, they replace goals like “losing weight” or “increasing muscle mass” with progress that can be better visualized like “achieving a handstand” or a “pistol squat”.

OODA is a booking platform that lets users book hotel rooms during the day at reduced rates.
OODA provides an answer to this key question: “Why should I book a hotel room for a full overnight rate when I only need it for a few hours?” A digital business transformation for daycations is highly needed to cater to this growing trend worldwide and nationwide that is currently managed on a case-by-case basis and often run into human errors, since all operation is manually handled. What it needs is a standard, streamlined method that is both simple and discrete.


WonderED created a screen-free-play-based methodology to teach coding to 3-year-olds through hands-on activities. They’re digitizing a 6-level coding curriculum. They want to create a world where children get an equal chance to learn all about technology. Their mission is to empower little minds to become active innovators, creative thinkers and problem solvers.

Congratulations! Well deserved. We can’t wait to watch you grow. 🌻