“Lebanese Spotlight” Shines at Democracy Matters Event in Vic

Alumni Spotlight

"Lebanese Spotlight" Shines at Democracy Matters Event in Vic

Source: Ahead Association

Last week in Vic, Ali Omar, founder of the "Lebanese Spotlight" and a Bloom alumni, stepped onto an international stage at the "Democracy Matters" project by Ahead Association in Barcelona. His participation underscored the vital role of social entrepreneurs in fostering democracy through innovative community-focused strategies.

Organized by the Ahead Association with backing from the Erasmus+ Programme, the event was a vibrant forum for exchanging ideas on democracy and human rights education. Ali and his team brought a fresh perspective, rooted in real-world business challenges, demonstrating how entrepreneurial thinking can bridge cultural divides and stimulate democratic participation.

During the week, activities ranged from workshops to lively discussions, where Ali's contributions shone a light on the practical impacts of social entrepreneurship on democratic values. His approach—using business as a force for social change—resonated with attendees from across Europe and the Mediterranean.

Ali's story is just one example of how Bloom's network is making waves globally, proving that when it comes to building a better world, the right mix of passion and innovation can lead the charge.