Healing from Trauma and Focusing on Well-Being: Mental Health Resources in Lebanon

Healing from Trauma and Focusing on Well-Being

A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Health Resources in Lebanon

Embrace Lifeline: Emotional Support and Healing from Trauma

Embrace Lifeline (1564) is a critical helpline offering support for emotional distress, including resources for healing from trauma and focusing on well-being.
Website: embracefund.org

IDRAAC: Research and Care for Mental Well-Being

IDRAAC focuses on mental well-being through research, advocacy, and applied care. Their initiatives encompass various aspects of well-being, including healing from trauma.
Website: idraac.org

Lebanese Psychological Association: Professional Help for Well-Being

Finding the right therapist is crucial for well-being and healing from trauma. The Lebanese Psychological Association connects individuals to licensed professionals.
Website: psychology.org.lb

Abaad: Empowering Women and Enhancing Well-Being

Abaad works towards gender equality, offering support services for women, focusing on well-being for well-doing, and ensuring their overall well-being.
Website: abaadmena.org

Universities and Online Platforms: Convenient Ways to Focus on Well-Being

Universities in Lebanon often provide counseling for students' well-being. Additionally, online therapy platforms have become accessible tools for well-being and healing from trauma.

Step by Step: Guided Healing from Emotional Pain

If you're grappling with depression, anxiety, or stress, 'Step by Step' offers a free, culturally adapted tool for healing. Available in both English and Arabic, this program consists of 5 guided sessions spread over 5-8 weeks, providing essential support at your own pace. Download here to begin your journey towards recovery.

Personalized Support with Rakan Himadeh

Understanding trauma and the need for tailored assistance, Rakan Himadeh is available for support. In his first year of studying trauma healing, Rakan is enthusiastic about helping others on their healing journey. Reach out to him through email at rakanhimadeh@gmail.com for personalized guidance and compassion.

International Emotional Support and Safety

No matter where you are in the world, emotional support and safety are essential for everyone's well-being. Suicide crisis lines are available in many countries, catering to your needs, wherever you may be.

These lifelines have proven beneficial in supporting individuals who may feel overwhelmed or in distress. The services often provide immediate care, compassion, and understanding, offering vital support at crucial times.

For a comprehensive list of suicide crisis lines, including services tailored to specific regions or groups, please visit the Wikipedia page on suicide crisis lines. This dynamic list provides details about the various hotlines available across the globe, allowing you to find the most appropriate support for your situation.

Remember, reaching out for help is a sign of strength, and support is available for anyone in need. If you or someone you know requires immediate assistance, don't hesitate to connect with a local crisis line or emergency services

Conclusion: Building a Resilient Community in Lebanon

Healing from trauma and fostering mental and emotional well-being is a multifaceted process that often requires various resources. In Lebanon, we are fortunate to have a rich network of organizations, professionals, and even individuals like Rakan who are dedicated to supporting this vital aspect of human health.

Whether you're seeking professional therapy, need helplines for immediate assistance, or want to use self-guided tools like 'Step by Step,' the resources outlined in this guide are here to aid in your journey towards healing and well-being.

Embrace the path to wellness, know that support is available, and take active steps to nurture your well-being. Together, we can create a resilient community, where mental health is prioritized, and healing from trauma is not only possible but embraced.