Enterprise Capacities

Bloom’s Enterprise Capacity Assessment is a way to quickly assess your enterprise’s organizational status and needs. It can be used as a self-assessment tool, as part of a guided collaborative process, or for third-party assessments.

Organizational capacity is the ability for an organization to achieve its mission while anticipating and managing future changes and risks.

The Enterprise Capacities Assessment (sometimes also called the ECAT – Enterprise Capacity Assessment Tool) allows you to get a birds’ eye view of your whole organization and to pinpoint strategic areas for development for maximum impact.


Innovation & Learning
“Impact Monitoring (M&E)” or “Corporate Social Responsibility”
“Programs and Projects” or “Products and Services”
Community Engagement & Communication
Team, Leadership, Staff & Volunteers
Revenues & Financial Sustainability
Financial Management
Legal & Compliance
Risk, Security & Resilience

Suitable for enterprises at different stages from early idea to growth.

ECAT for Enterprises

Bloom’s Enterprise Capacities assessment can help enterprises that are already operational but want to improve their organizational capacity to grow more effectively, or for early-stage enterprises.

When working to launch or grow an enterprise, there are hundreds of things you could be working on, so the question is: Which is the most critical for you to work on today?

Bloom’s assessments, methods, and program help you answer that question.