Bloom Announces Exciting Partnership with GITEX Impact & North Star

Bloom Announces Exciting Partnership with GITEX Impact & North Star

We are elated to unveil some thrilling news! Bloom has proudly partnered with GITEX Impact & North Star, two monumental names in the global technology ecosystem. As an organization dedicated to innovation, growth, and community involvement, this partnership is a testament to our unwavering commitment to those ideals.

Why This Partnership Matters

GITEX Impact has consistently been a nexus for breakthrough innovations, especially in realms like climate, ESG investments, and sustainable finance. Being a part of this grand collaboration allows Bloom to be at the forefront of technological advancements and to harness the power of collective innovation.

Similarly, North Star has always been a guiding light in the tech world, highlighting the path of progress, innovation, and connectivity. Our partnership stands as a symbol of mutual growth and a shared vision for a better, tech-driven future.

Join Our FREE GITEX Prep Workshop

In anticipation of this great collaboration and to ensure our community gets the best out of GITEX, we have crafted a special 2-hour virtual GITEX Prep Workshop scheduled for October 10th. Hosted by the renowned David Munir Nabti, this session aims to equip attendees with:

Tips to optimize return on investment (ROI) during the conference.

Strategies to pitch ideas/products effectively.

Techniques to maximize connections and network effectively.

This workshop will be a blend of actionable insights, expert tips, and interactive sessions, ensuring participants are GITEX-ready!

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We believe in the power of community, learning, and collaboration. Join us in this exciting phase of growth and opportunity. Dive deep into the world of tech, harness its potential, and let's bloom together at GITEX!

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