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ACSI3 Open House Events

Delve into the Heart of Our Program with Informative and Engaging Online Sessions

About the ACSI3 Open House Events

Join us at our exclusive Open House events and dive into the world of the Asfari Challenge for Social Innovations, 3rd Edition (ACSI3)! These sessions offer you a unique opportunity to engage with our team, learn more about the program, and connect with ACSI alumni. Get insights, ask questions, and find out how ACSI3 can be a catalyst for your growth.

Open House Events

Event 1: Introduction to ACSI3 and Our Growth Framework

In this session, Dara will provide a comprehensive overview of the ACSI3 program and our approach to fostering growth in social enterprises. Join us on Thursday, January 25, from 4:00 - 5:30 PM EET. There will be a Q&A segment, so feel free to bring your questions!

About the Speaker

Dara Mouracade is the Head of Programs at Bloom. She leads the design and implementation of entrepreneurship support programs, managing a remote, cross-functional team across multiple countries. With extensive experience in diverse industries such as technology, entertainment, and eCommerce, she excels in scaling business impacts. Outside of work, Dara is an avid reader and adventurous traveler, having read 56 books in 2023 alone.

Event 2: Success Stories from ACSI Alumni

Hear from our ACSI alumni about their journeys and achievements. Join us for this insightful session on Thursday, February 1, from 4:00 - 5:00 PM EET. The session will also include a Q&A segment, giving you the opportunity to ask alumni about their experiences.

About the Speaker

Lama Massoud is the Founder & CEO of The WordWave, where she spearheads a dynamic platform connecting MENA businesses with premier writing talent. With a rich background in pharmaceuticals, marketing, and sales, Lama excels in blending content strategy with business growth, ensuring that The WordWave stands as a beacon of quality and innovation in the MENA content market. Outside the office, Lama is a cultural enthusiast and an advocate for women's empowerment in business, dedicating her time to mentoring and participating in regional forums.

Myriam Audi is the Co-Founder & COO of Littera, bringing her extensive experience in pharmacy management and entrepreneurship to the forefront of educational innovation. At Littera, Myriam is instrumental in shaping revolutionary Arabic learning tools, making the language's acquisition an engaging journey for young learners. Beyond her professional role, Myriam is a fervent advocate for lifelong learning and community engagement, often involving herself in educational initiatives while also exploring the tranquility of nature through hiking.