ACSI 2 Sprint

What is the purpose of the sprint?

  1. Get to know the enterprise better
  2. Make progress on a critical point for the enterprise during the Sprint
  3. Create a clear work plan for the Accelerator
  4. Develop a clear budget plan for the Accelerator
  5. Have fun, connect with, and support other great people working on building their businesses.


Sprint schedule:

Key success metrics:

By the end of the sprint, each team will have worked on improving one particular aspect of their enterprise while preparing:

  1. A work plan for the Accelerator
  2. A budget breakdown for the Accelerator
  3. A pitch deck for the Sprint Demo Day


Criteria for the Accelerator

1/3 Effort: The Enterprise’s own participation & effort

1/3 Community Success: Their support of the community

1/3 Results & Impact: Assessment by the selection committee on the potential for impact