Transformational Leadership talk June 22, Abu Dhabi

Whether leaders are born or made, they can’t afford not to evolve! Join us in MIZA, Abu Dhabi on Thursday June 22, 4-6pm, for an enlightening discussion where innate leadership meets continuous learning. Learn to master you masculine and feminine attributes, elevate your leadership skills and take your startup to new heights with Sana Bagersh and David Munir Nabti.

Fasten your seatbelts for this exciting journey to master your leadership traits with Sana Bagersh, a powerhouse in the startup ecosystem, and David Munir, a remarkable mentor in the field. They are here to guide you, challenge you, and most importantly, help you shatter the glass ceiling of your potential. The session will be moderated by Alex Jean-Poix, Director of Startup Grind Abu Dhabi. The venue will be the new bustling entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem that is emerging in Abu Dhabi’s MIZA area.

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